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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: True Colors

Today I am finally going to share my finished True Colors with you. I took these photos last week and I have to admit I was rather disappointed when I finally got around to processing them yesterday. I almost put this post off again so that I could take better shots but at this point I’m going with “done is better than perfect” and sharing them even if they aren’t up to my usual standards.

In all honesty, this is a tricky piece to photograph. It’s very long and it starts out really narrow (that pink bit toward the bottom right) and then it increases to the wide natural stripes at the end.

And oh man do I love those stripes! The yarn is from Woolen Rabbit, the mini skeins were in a kit I picked up at a Fiber Revival a few years back, I think, and the natural is just Kim’s undyed base – but I can’t remember what base this is. #badknitter

I had to modify the pattern some since it calls for 10 different colors plus the natural. I had 5 colors in this kit so I just rotated my way through them. And I didn’t have quite enough to make this as big as the pattern calls for but, honestly, it’s huge and I wouldn’t want it to be any bigger than it is.

I love the way the colors reverse as the scarf (shawl? I can’t decide) reaches it widest point. And yes, that was a crap ton of ends to weave in. It was a labor of love, though, and I really am thrilled with the way it came out.

And now that I’ve blogged it – I get to wear it!

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  1. Just lovely! The colors are great and it certainly looks big enough to wrap up in and be very cozy. I finished my Match and Move recently and it’s the same shape – tough to photograph. Enjoy the wearing!

  2. I think we need one more shot (or two) of this beauty being modeled by the maker. I’ve been eyeing this one and looking forward to seeing yours. Thanks for sharing even if you don’t love the photos.

  3. Stunning, Carole! and what a lovely palette for fall. and Thanksgiving. Hopefully now that you can wear it, the snow will decide to stay away for at least a couple more weeks!!

  4. Glad you posted it. I can certainly see why you would use “labor of love” to describe its knitting. There are some projects that are just so right that a knitter would spend untold hours to complete them.

    I’m hoping we might see a photo of you wearing it.

  5. Glad to see knitting on your blog—your scarf/shawl is gorgeous! I have knit a few pairs of socks out of Kim’s yarns, and her colors are amazing.

  6. So, so lovely! Those are really FUN colors — and you’ve mixed them together beautifully. Oh, what fun it’s going to be to wear that on dreary, winter days. XO

  7. Stunning! That shawl is absolutely gorgeous. And thanks, for the reminder about Woolen Rabbit as I’ve not visited her blog in ages. Now, to check out that pattern……

  8. Now that is a knitting statement. Beautiful. And weaving in all those ends was very worth it – easy for me to say. Ha.

  9. The colors will show off nicely wrapped around your shoulders or as a scarf wrapped around your neck. Something like that, something long and wide can really be shown off when draped just so. I hope you love wearing it and showing it off! Nicely done!

  10. It’s stunning, Carole! I LOVE your colorways. I’ve always been a bit on the fence about this pattern but your version makes me want to add it to my queue.

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