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Three On Thursday

This week on Three on Thursday I’ve got three random photos (with explanations) for you.

First up, is this sampler that I cross stitched back in 1993. Kym talked about cross stitch the other day and it was a hobby I loved, too. I cross stitched obsessively from the late 80s well into the 90s. This sampler hangs in my office and, if I recall correctly, it’s 22 count fabric which is pretty small. Not as small as linen but still very fine and the size I preferred most.

Next up: Jackie on Halloween in 2017 and 2018. What a difference a year makes, huh? Last year he pretty much slept all the time so it was easy to take a photo. This year? He is on the move and getting him to sit (or stand) still for a picture is no easy feat. In fact, it took Dale, Jessica and Hannah standing behind me to get him to stop and smile for the camera yesterday. What a little love bug he is!

Finally, my “Christmas” amaryllis which is clearly going to bloom long before Christmas! I thought it might be a Halloween bloomer but it’s not quite there. I’m pretty sure I’ll have blossoms in the next day or so and I’m good with that because flowers are welcome at any time of year.

If you wrote a post for today please include your link below. Happy Thursday, it’s almost the weekend!

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  1. The difference in Jackie is amazing! I know this happens, I’ve seen it in my own boys, but wasn’t Jackie born just a little while ago?! Happy Thursday!

  2. You were a much more “serious” cross-stitcher than I! Your sampler is just beautiful, and must be a warm touch in your office. As for little Jack? He is such a sweetheart! When Brian was a little guy, we used to say that he had two speeds — fast, and fast asleep. And my amaryllis is a bit behind yours, but coming up with a bullet! XO

  3. Happy November! That is really a beautiful sampler, Carole! Wow! And, bravo to that Amaryllis! (also, I am laughing at Kym’s comment… Sam was much the same!)

  4. My Thanksgiving amaryllis is in full bloom!! It’s glorious, but too early! I am enjoying it nonetheless. What a lovely way to welcome the winter chill on our doorstep. You sampler is of the style I love. The hours (years) I spent on counted thread were some of my happiest stitching. I love the historical aspect as much or more than the finished product. Your grandson is SO cute and LOOK how big!!

  5. I was also did cross stitch back in the day. I found it much easier than knitting to put down/pick up when the kids were little and life was (more) chaotic & unpredictable! I loved samplers!!

    Jackie is SO DARN CUTE!! It’s getting harder & harder to take photos of Malina, too, and she’s not even quite crawling yet. SO SQUIRMY!

    I was going to mention Margene’s amaryllis, which are INCREDIBLE!! I’m kind of glad that I haven’t placed my order for “Christmas” yet. 😉

  6. Wow! That’s a lot of growing Jack has done! Asleep or awake, he’s adorable!
    Love your cross stitch. I’ve always had a love of samplers and stitched Many of them back in the day.
    Perhaps your amaryllis is a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas. 🙂

  7. I’ve been jonesing for some Jackie pictures. He’s such a sweetheart! Thanks. I’m with you on the cross stitching—your sampler is a great example of the staying power of these works of art.

  8. That is a beautiful sampler, Carole, and yes, that is small stitching. I did a lot of cross stitch during the 80’s as well. Jackie, OMG, he is getting so big, and he just gets cuter every time I see him.

  9. I also was a cross stitch fan! I did hours of sampler work.

    I am trying my hand at growing a cactus. This is a real trial run for me because I am notorious for my black thumb!

    And Jackie–what an adorable boy.

  10. I have a few cross stitch and needlepoint pieces from back in the day. Yours is beautiful. And that Jackie – how fast they grow, especially that first year or two. Enjoy every moment with him.

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