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Eye Candy Friday

Now that it’s November I’m ready to get excited for the Christmas season. Apparently my amaryllis is, too! I came home to this open blossom yesterday and I’m betting that there will be more blooms by the time the weekend is over.

And you know that the weekend will be over before we know it so make the most of it!

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  1. They are going to be just lovely. 🙂 I waited to plant my “Christmas”-blooming bulbs for a couple of weeks after I received them, so they are a bit behind yours. Still, they’ll be blooming well before Christmas! Hopefully, the blooms will last a long, long time. (And sometimes they do get another round of stalks, so stay tuned.)

    Happy Friday!

  2. My Christmas amaryllis is going to be a Thanksgiving amaryllis this year. It’s ok by me tho; any time is a good time for flowers!

  3. I planned on Thanksgiving, but my Fanfare is blooming like gangbusters! The other early amaryllis is slow and it will be Christmas for sure. I have more coming at the end of the month and they will get me through the rest of winter. Hopefully, my amaryllis forest will become a reality!

  4. Beautiful! It’s a little early for me to get excited about the holidays, but that bloom is just fantastic. I hope it continues to cheer you along for days and days. Have a good weekend, Carole.

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