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Happy Wednesday! Happy Hump Day! And, best of all Happy Spring!

In other happy news, my Stopover 2.0 is mostly finished. I just have to close up the underarms, weave in the ends, and block it. The irony of finishing a super warm sweater just in time for spring isn’t lost on me. Also pictured are my current socks, a gorgeous rainbow of stripes from Knitterly Things. I’ve had a bunch of meetings lately so these beauties are chugging right along.

On the reading front, I recently finished My Sister the Serial Killer and I’m poised to start One Day in December. I’ll do a complete reading update soon.

To see what everyone else is reading and knitting be sure and visit Kat today.

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  1. Yay for a finished sweater! And, even if it won’t get any wear now – think how awesome it will be to pull that baby out when the cold weather returns!!

    How did you like My Sister the Serial Killer? I am on the wait list for that one…

  2. Those socks just LOOK like Spring!!! 🙂
    And it seems I’m always finishing a sweater for the season just ended . . . But it means you’ll have something new and at the ready when those cold fall winds begin to blow. (But first . . . summer!) XO

  3. Your Stopover is great — I love the colors you chose. As for finishing it just in time for spring, well, do you think there will ever be a winter again? I kinda think so…

  4. I love how the socks brighten up the grays in your Stopover. Congrats on finishing 2 beautiful projects! A finished sweater is a finished sweater, no matter what time of year it is.

  5. There will,be a spring blizzard—at least here in Colorado—and a snuggly sweater is just the ticket. I am guessng that Massachusetts will have one too.

  6. The socks are colorful and no doubt there will be some cool days still, so they’ll come in handy.

  7. I certainly hope you won’t have a need for your lovely Stopover until next winter, but we’re supposed to get snow here tomorrow. It may be spring, but Mother Nature often doesn’t get the message right away!

  8. I saw that Beverly Army wore her Stopover this week … I’m afraid you might get a little wear from yours before Spring sets in (provided you get those last little bits finished quickly!) … and I LOVE those socks – Spring Stripes 🙂

  9. my stopover with a vest is my late winter/ early spring wardrobe staple and I live pretty close by to you in 01721….

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