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Unraveled Wednesday

I was hoping to have a finished Stopover to show you today. Alas, the photo you see does not look very different from the last one I showed you. It is, in fact, different though.

The body is longer.

Do you know how I got the body to be longer?


Do you know why the body is longer?

Because I was on Ravelry updating the details on this sweater and I went back on the blog to check out the one I made 3 years ago and right there, in my own words, it said:

I also added a couple of inches to the length.

Guess what I didn’t do this time? And yes, I had already attached the sleeves and knit about an inch and a half.


Rip back.

Knit two more inches on the body.

Reattach sleeves.

Move forward.

I’ve still got another inch of the shoulders before I start the decreases for the yoke and the colorwork.

It’s all good, though, because I love it and it will be finished and worn very soon. I hope.

I am reading The Museum of Modern Love and I’m enjoying it tremendously. I predict that I will be finished with the book before I am finished with the sweater.

That’s just how things roll around here.

If you want to see what everyone else is reading and knitting this week be sure and check out Kat’s blog today.

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  1. that’s a bit of unraveling you won’t regret … for sure! and boy do I love the colorwork on the hems. cheering you on for a finish SOON!!!

  2. Oh darn. But, good that you caught that before you got much further! I just got on the wait list for that book!

    P.S. I just love the simplicity of your colors in this sweater!

  3. You will be so happy with yourself for ripping back. And also for leaving such good notes for yourself on Ravelry! (You were really thinking of Future-Carole with that note.) (Even though Now-Carole might not have thought so right at first. WIth the sleeves attached and all.) 😉

  4. It’s always a pain to have to rip back and reknit, but it’s also always worth it to have a sweater that fits the way you want it to!

    And thanks for the book recommendation — that’s another one to add to my list!

  5. So glad you looked at your notes! so sorry you had to rip back…but in the end you’ll be happy you did. And thanks for another book recommendation!

  6. I’m knitting a Stopover too! I’m working on the second sleeve, so I’m a bit behind you. I won’t have it done for this winter, at least I hope winter doesn’t last as long as it will take me to finish this sweater! I haven’t knit a sweater in ages, and even though I got gauge, I hope it fits!

  7. Yes but! Did you do waist shaping? And did you take that into account when adding length? Curiosity on my part; I knit two Stopovers, exactly the same except I made the sleeves longer on the second one! And yes, with waist shaping.

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