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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Stopover Sweater

I think I’ve mentioned that I have this rule about not wearing a handknit until it has been blogged. It’s one of the ways I make sure I blog about my knitting in a timely fashion. Let me just say, though, that I broke all the rules with Stopover.

I wore it 3 times when we were on vacation in NYC. I have worn it to work. Twice. And I wore it at SPA. And I still haven’t shown you finished photos. Well, except for the suitcase one from Monday.

First up, I have a glamour shot of the yoke for you.

stopover yoke for carole knits

I love the green and white with the black.

And I have to say that the fit is great. I went up a size so that it would be loose and comfortable and I also added a couple of inches to the length. Other than that I knit the pattern as written. I have no issues with the neck, it’s not too scratchy, I don’t wish I’d added short rows for shaping, and it was a very fast knit. Size 10.5 needles make for a fast sweater, my friends.

Finally, because I know you will ask, I do have two pictures of me wearing the sweater.

The first is from the morning of February 13th. This thing was fresh off the needles and I threw it on over my flannel nightgown. I’m stylish like that.

stopover maine

The second is from last weekend. The point of this photo was to show Dale the Bloody Mary with an oyster floater that I was enjoying but the bonus is that it also shows off the sweater a bit, too.

I’m so glad I chose to bang out a sweater in the first 13 days of February.

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  1. I love the combination of the green with the black too. I haven’t yet attempted knitting a sweater, but I loved looking at all the combinations of colors people put together to make it uniquely theirs. it looks great on you!

  2. I’m glad you broke your own rules! Your Stopover is great and should be worn proudly, even over a flannel nightgown. You wear it well!

  3. A sweater in 13 days!? Of course you wore it before you blogged it. You had time lapse confusion from that speedy knitting. Pretty sure you’d get the Up Arrow in ‘who wore it better’, especially with that trendy flannel skirt shot. Well done!

  4. So beautiful! Wear it in good health and with wild abandon. I want one for the 3-10 days of real winter down here!

  5. It looks great on you. It’s so nice when you finish a sweater and love it so much that you wear it – over and over and over again.

  6. I love the color combination you chose. I was away on vacation for most of February, or I would have joined in and knit one too. I have a suitcase full of Lopi yarn I bought in Iceland a couple of years ago and I plan on knitting one. I guess the good thing for me is I can look at everyone else’s completed Stopovers and learn for mine (like sizing up and making it longer).

  7. I LOVE your color combo; it really pops!

    I love my Stopover, too. I think that I’m going to block the sleeves an inch longer, though; they’re a hair shorter than I thought. But they’re also wide, so a sleeve-wetting and tugging is going to be perfect!

  8. Where was I yesterday? The sweater is gorgeous and I love the sweater/flannel nightgown pairing! The last picture is beyond beautiful–you look so relaxed and lovely.

  9. ANY sweater in 13 days is a celebration… but one that fits great, is beautiful AND stylish (even with PJs) … well that’s the biggest knitter win ever. love love love!

  10. I love that you shared the over the flannel shot! FUN! The sweater is very pretty. I followed along on the M/D blog as the Stopover KAL was conceived and played out, but dutifully continued on my husband’s Ranger that I’d already started (re-started when sleeve gauge didn’t match my flat swatch, darnit!) Now to catch up on the rest of your posts from last week!

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