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Macro Monday

That right there is a macro shot of the center of one of the sunflowers I showed you on Friday. I took 30+ photos with the macro lens last week and . . . I didn’t love any of them. But then I thought, well, I’ll do something else and have THAT to post on Monday.

The fact that you are now seeing this photo tells you that I did not, in fact, take another photo to share with you today. And as I’m writing this it’s Sunday night and that Pats are about to play and I just want this post to be . . . done. Partly so that it’s done but mostly so that I don’t have to get up early tomorrow morning and post something. #beingcompletelyhonesthere

So. A Macro Photo that isn’t bad (it’s in focus and kind of cool) but isn’t maybe the best subject (I’d like to try a macro shot that has a more interesting background.)

But, as I always said when I was quilting: Done is better than perfect!

Happy Monday, my friends.

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  1. Done IS better than perfect! Who knew there were hints of purple in the center of a sunflower? Glad you got this post done so you could watch the Patriots; some things are more important than posting!

  2. I like how you captured that one wayward petal in the shot. The fact that you took 30+ photos says maybe this is as perfect as this sunflower wants to be.

  3. Mary K is right… it is too easy to get hung up on perfect! I like your photo and think it is a sunny start to Monday!

  4. You never need to apologize, Carole. XO (As you’ve told me many times . . . it’s a blog, not a job.) And THAT is a really wonderful shot of a gorgeous sunflower. Flowers are magical! 🙂

  5. It’s a learning experiment, right? Like life? So there is going to be a lot of imperfection, no matter what you do. I think it’s interesting, Carole. And I am sure you learned something. Never apologize for anything you post since you are doing the work, Carole!

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