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Three On Thursday

Today, because it’s November. Today, because November is when we really think a lot about gratitude. Today, because thinking about gratitude leads to even more gratitude . . . I’m sharing 3 things I’m grateful for right now. And ,as it turns out, they are all related to my home.

  1. New blinds. We got new blinds for the craft room and Dale’s office back in early October. I loved them so much I ordered more for the living room. And then I loved those so much I ordered more for the bedroom and bathroom. I’m still waiting for those last ones to come in but in the meantime I feel truly grateful for how these have made our rooms look more stylish from the inside, more cohesive from the outside, and have really created an updated look all around.
  2. Heat. We need a new boiler and I’m sure not grateful for that but I am grateful that we can use our existing one until we get a new one and I’m also grateful that we have the means to pay for a new one. And, aside from the boiler, I’m grateful for our wood stove and the two cords of wood that are sitting in our driveway right now with two more to come. I love burning wood as a source of heat for the ambiance it creates as well as the warmth.
  3. Electricity. Last Friday in the early morning we lost our power. It wasn’t out for long, just under 4 hours, but when I got up I couldn’t make coffee. I couldn’t check email or watch the news. I couldn’t turn on the lights or listen to music or ask Alexa for an update on my day. Going without electricity for that short amount of time reminded me how much I take it for granted and how grateful I am for it’s existence.

What are you feeling grateful for this week? I’d love to have you tell me in the comments or write a blog post of your own to share with all of us.

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  1. This speaks to me. 1) still looking for blinds for our craft room, this gives me hope. LOL. 2) our boiler gave out last January, we found a wonderful company who got us through the three days and we could afford it.

  2. Bummer about the boiler. :(. Thank goodness you have your wood stove and can use your existing one for now. I LOVE that orange blanket!

  3. My husband brings a cup of coffee to me in bed every morning, and I am incredibly grateful for that.

  4. So, add me to the people who want a post about the new blinds.

    I’m grateful for the people who showed up to help with a necessary deep cleaning of our church kitchen this week. I didn’t know them, but they heard the need to help prepare our space so we can serve anyone who needs food or companionship this coming Thanksgiving. I’m grateful to be in a community of people that care about people in need they may never meet.

  5. I love that witch pillow! Those are great things to be grateful for.
    These days I’m so grateful for modern communication. I would be so lonely and homesick without the ability to talk on the phone or text with family 5000 miles away or connect with online friends all over the world that I’ve never even met.

  6. I just went 6 days without internet and I thought it might kill me. I knew it was going to happen and I thought I was prepared but… There were SO many things I needed the internet for that I hadn’t even thought about. I had no music, I couldn’t Ravelry, I couldn’t Google a dinner recipe…. I think the experience proved how ridiculous my dream of living off-grid in a little cabin in the woods is.

    Glad you got your power back and have heat.

  7. Electricity is definitely something that we don’t think about until we don’t have it! I’m glad that if the power is out, we can at least still use our (gas) stove. A cup of tea to start the morning isn’t quite a cup of coffee, but in a pinch, it’ll do.

    I am also thankful for having Internet access. Our Internet wasn’t working Monday morning, and it really struck it home for me how much I rely on it. While I have breakfast, I’m always online — checking email, reading blogs, catching up on the news, checking in on Ravelry. I was able to get caught up once I got to work, but it really got my day off to an odd start.

  8. I don’t think about electricity very often, but one of my RVP’s lives in Northern CA and he was without power and water (well water with an electric pump!) for about a week because of the fires. Love your witch pillow and your blanket/throw.

  9. I’m grateful we can bring Dan home at a moment’s notice to visit his grandmother who’s a bit under the weather. Love those pillows!

  10. I’m grateful that I was able to travel to CO for a second time to help Ryan find a (hopefully) safe and reliable car. It’s hard to read the situation when I’m so far away in NJ but I think my being here was good for him both practically and emotionally.

  11. Being without power for even a short period of time . . . really puts things in perspective, doesn’t it? So glad you found some blinds you really love! And . . . boilers (or furnaces — we don’t have a boiler, but we do have a furnace) need to be replaced now and again. But that’s never fun, is it? (Or . . . not as much fun as great new blinds, at least!) I’m grateful for heat and warmth and electricity on a cold November day with snowflakes in the air. XO

  12. Your room looks so beautiful, put together, and picture perfect. Every day I put electricity on my grateful list. We have been without for extended periods twice in our time here (40+ years) and 18 hours without any modern conveniences nearly made me crazy.

  13. I’m really enjoying Michelle GD’s gratitude week – especially how she’s asking us to frame our gratitude in different ways each day. Yesterday was about what we take for granted and it was a nice exercise … one all of us need to do more often!

  14. These are very good things to be thankful for! I’d love to know what kind of blinds you got that you love so much! Please share! 🙂

  15. Right now a warm toasty house. It’s an old house, but man is it well insulated! We have a real-real fire place so we don’t have too many fires going since it has to be built and baby-sat. A victory [finally] for the Falcons AT New Orleans! This season has made me want to cry. Seriously though since it’s Veterans Day I’m very grateful for the sacrifices and the continued sacrifice of so many.

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