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Self Care Saturday: Reiki

I’m going to say right up front that I am a Reiki novice. I’ve taken Reiki I and Reiki II classes but I do not consider myself to be a Reiki practitioner – even though technically I have the training and skills to be one.

I know that Reiki is a confusing concept for people and I’ll admit that when I first heard about it – probably almost 20 years ago – I was very skeptical. It just seemed a little . . . out there. But now that I have experienced being treated with Reiki by a Reiki master and now that I have also practiced Reiki on myself and Dale, I can say that I know it works.

So, what is Reiki? The word Reiki means Universal Life Force and it’s a Japanese technique that essentially calls on the healing energy of the entire universe, and when this healing energy enters your body it stimulates your body’s innate healing capability and encourages a return to wellness. It can be used for so many things: to facilitate deep relaxation, to relieve pain, to promote healing and to enhance personal growth and more.

My experiences with Reiki are sort of personal but I can tell you that I tend to pair Reiki with my meditation practice. I don’t always do Reiki when I meditate . . . I meditate much more frequently than I practice Reiki . . . but the two definitely go hand in hand for me. I have a mantra that I say when I want to call on Reiki energy and the moment I start thinking about it my hands start to tingle and they get hot and then I go through the process. This is – and should be – unique for everyone. There’s no script or perfect way to do Reiki, the energy goes where it’s needed and it heals where it can. Sometimes when I’m finished I feel a release or a lightness of being and sometimes I don’t feel anything much at all. I think there’s a tendency, on my part at least, to over analyze the experience and I try hard to not do that, to just be open and relaxed.

Reiki has been around for a very long time but the awareness of it has grown in recent years. You can read about how Reiki is used in medicine here. Pamela Miles is very well known and has pioneered the use of Reiki in hospitals. Libby Barnett is another well known Reiki master who teaches and practices throughout New England, working with hospitals, nurses, yoga centers and more. Finally, is a good resource for articles on Reiki and for finding a practitioner or classes in your area.

Do you have experiences with Reiki? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.



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  1. Thanks for the explanation! It’s always sounded a little “out there” to me, but I haven’t experienced it first hand, so I don’t have any basis for judgment. I have a friend that practices Reiki, and she has tried to convince me, but so far I’ve only progressed to not rolling my eyes too much. Time to check out your links and learn more!

  2. When I had my first-ever session, the practitioner couldn’t believe I’ve never had it before–she called me the most reactive & receptive client she’s ever treated. I absolutely LOVED it. I felt invigorated and stimulated and energized. I could feel a specific area that was “blocked” and then I felt a give (I don’t know what else to call it) and the energy cleared.

    I loved the treatments I’ve had.

  3. I am not familiar at all with Reiki – although I know of it. But these links and your explanation have piqued my interest even more! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Good for you! I had someone do Reike on one of my dogs who was in so much pain and no one could seem to help her. The woman who did the Reike on her honed right in on where she was hurting, but she wasn’t able to give her much relief. It was only when I finally contacted a homeopathic vet that I know in Florida that we found the right combination for her. Ken always thought it was hocus pocus, but he had to admit that he witnessed how fast the right attentions to her pain away. I was ready to put her down it was that bad.

  5. I love that you are a Reiki practitioner! I am Reiki-curious but am focused on learning tarot right now.

  6. I have never heard of this, but good to know there are alternatives out there that are worth looking into. I wish I’d taken up yoga 30 years ago-my mind and body would be in such a different place if I had

  7. Like many other commenters, I’ve heard of it but didn’t know much about it (and I’ll admit I thought it was just another form of woo). But I’m interested in learning more now.

  8. My neighbor is a practitioner and I have often thought of visiting her studio, but haven’t followed through. I think she might be able to help with my knee and back pain. I plan on following through with her because of your post.

  9. My experience with Reiki came through plants….. for people who scoff at the idea of energy, I tell this story. My older sister is a Reiki Master…. On a summer trip to VT we arrived at our lodging and there were three dead plants hanging in the August heat. While we unpacked the car, my sister watered all three plants, and proceeded to give two of the three Reiki, before we had to depart for a dinner reservation. When we got back after dinner, the two plants that had received water AND Reiki were alive and blooming… the one that received only water still looked like it should be thrown on the compost heap.

    Power stuff that Reiki…..

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