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Eye Candy Friday

Just in time for spring, it’s my first amaryllis blossom of 2020, Bright Nymph! Remind me next year that these always take longer to bloom than I think they will and if I want flowers in January/February I need to plant the bulbs in November. Honestly, though, this beauty was totally worth waiting for . . . just look at the ruffles along the edge of those petals . . . and the colors are gorgeous, too.

So here we are at the weekend which doesn’t really feel like the weekend at all. Hang on to your hope, friends.

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  1. Gorgeous! Sadly, I knocked my amaryllis off the table when watering another plant. The leaves broke, so I won’t get a bloom this year. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Just lovely! A November reminder is on my calendar because I may also have a blossom in NJ. They’re beautiful any time of year though!

  3. Beautiful! And right on time to cheer you during this unsettling time. The weekend may be slightly meaningless,but Monday should be less Monday-like. Gotta take the wins where we can.

  4. That is such a gorgeous bloom, Carole! Definitely worth the wait. (And, yeah. November planting for January blooms.) (But this year? I think we need blooms WHENEVER we can get them!) XO
    (And I have totally lost track of the days.)

  5. Carole, those are absolutely STUNNING!!! They remind me of Linen pants, the texture anyways. The colors are just so mesmerizing and serene. So beautiful. I hope you and Dale are enjoying your time and maintaining sanity as best as possible! I am doing my best with 3 littles while working from home. Happiness and health from our Family to yours!

    The Shea’s

  6. Carole, it’s almost like the blossom knew when you would needed it (me, too)! It is gorgeous, and a great bloom to inspire hope. As with Pandora’s box, I do not intend to let hope out! Don’t you either. These are very troubling times, but nothing that the world has not seen before, and we are better equipped than any that have come before us. Try to have a good weekend with Dale.

  7. oh yes – eye CANDY for sure. That looks just like the ribbon candy my mom bought at Christmas … and when Marc and I were Kon-mari-ing a closet last month, I found the dish she used. I’m going to be looking for that candy this year!

  8. That is one gorgeous flower and maybe right now is a good time for it to be blooming. Since I am retired and at home, I’ve been trying to stick to my usual routines. I do miss the coffee with friends, freedom to do errands without concern, book group gatherings – the social stuff but keep reminding myself how fortunate I am.

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