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Eye Candy Friday

Here’s a pretty purple pansy for you. Those little faces are smiling up at me from my window boxes and they fill me with joy.

And, you know, even with a weird work schedule I’m always happy to see Friday arrive. It’s the weekend and it’s Passover and Easter and we’re all trying to find new ways to deal with that. I wish you joy as you figure it out this weekend, friends.

See you on Monday.

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  1. Love the pansys. Successfully baked hot cross buns, a goal of mine for a long time. We will have a very different weekend, and find ourselves reverting to the traditions of childhood with egg coloring and a possible hunt.

  2. I’m sure you and your family will figure it out in the best ways possible. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Carole!

  3. Sometimes when we’re forced to make changes, we discover whole new pieces of ourselves! XO (And I’m so glad you got those pansies.)

  4. Such beautiful pansies! I would love to be able to go out to a garden center right now! Hope you & Dale have a nice Easter weekend.

  5. I have only seen one pansy around here, so I’m very happy to see yours! I hope you and Dale have a lovely weekend.

  6. Such beautiful flowers. Pansies are one of my favorites. The previous post’s daffodils are also lovely. A good friend once reminded me long ago, “never pass up an opportunity to see beauty.” These posts remind me of that idea. I hope your Easter was happy and you had some FaceTime with Jackie.

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