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Today, an update on what I did with my NightShift shawl.

First I want to say how much I appreciated your feedback on the photo I shared last week. I ultimately decided I needed to rip back to that large yellow section as it wast just too much. Not too much yellow (or mustard, as I prefer to call it) because I love the yellow, but too much all in one spot.

I then consulted with several color experts (Sean . . . Kym . . . and others) and I decided I needed more Malabrigo Rios in colors that would provide more contrast and settled on a skein of Living Coral, a skein of Reflecting Pool, and a second skein of Frank Ochre (told you I loved the mustard). WEBS was out of the colors I needed. Loopy Ewe was as well. Simply Socks Yarn Company had just what I wanted, though.

I ordered on Thursday and had it on Monday which is damn good in these days of delayed and slow shipping.

And now I’m moving forward and loving it again. I learned two things after really studying the project last week and analyzing my feelings about it: one, contrast is key and two, I prefer frequent color changes. Let’s hope I have no more unraveling on this one now that I’ve identified this.

I’m reading Murder On Cape Cod. It’s a cozy mystery and complete fluff but that makes it a great escape. Plus, it’s set on Cape Cod (duh) and even though the town in the story is fiction, the surrounding towns and businesses mentioned are real and that makes it extra fun for me.

I’m joining with Kat this week to talk about knitting and reading. I hope you’re knitting something you love and reading something you find entertaining.

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  1. I also enjoy a book set in a familiar setting. Books (or a series) with a strong sense of place have also taken me off the main roads to see what prompted an author to place it there. I’ve learned the place is often close to the author’s heart.

  2. I love it! Now you can settle in and knit! And that is such a fun knit!! (I too found escape in Mysteries this week!)

  3. Nightshift is looking gorgeous! Glad you figured out what YOU needed to do to make this an enjoyable knit. Now, have some fun with it!!

  4. It is looking FABULOUS, Carole! And – best of all – it’s what YOU want it to be. XO
    (And that is some fast delivery for these times. So nice!)

  5. I LOVE it, and more importantly, you do! I’ve lost any book concentration I had this week, and have thought about starting a nice cozy mystery. That may be just what I need!

  6. It looks great Carole! I’m looking forward to getting back to mine once I finish the very late birthday socks. I’m listening to Pretty Things by Janelle Brown and liking it a lot so far!

  7. Your Nightshift shawl looks great. When you posted last week, I thought you were crazy to rip it out (I thought it looked fine). But I will admit the new version looks even better.

  8. Oh, Carole! That’s terrific!! It’s so much fun to play around with the colors, and I love even just looking at mine. It’s a mood-lifter.

  9. I think it is looking amazing, Carole, but most importantly you like it, and you will find much more pleasure in the knitting since it suits you. I, too, am reading mysteries, and yes, they are a great escape, especially in these times. Great minds think alike!

  10. Love the change up in color progression. I’m getting quite a bit of knitting done, but not so much on the reading front. Not sure if it’s lack of anything that I feel will keep me engaged, or there is just too much to choose from and it gets to be overwhelming.

  11. I’m glad you found a better rhythm with Nightshift – I do love the purples, blues, and mustard together! and yay for cozy mysteries. They are a go-to for me (along with a barely open-door romance!) when things are tough. Even better that you found one with a familiar setting!

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