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Eye Candy Friday

Here are some cherry blossoms from earlier this month, I just love those pink buds and white flowers against those green leaves. When this tree blooms it always makes me smile and I almost missed it this year due to the pandemic. I’m glad I caught this photo before it was completely done blooming.

Enjoy the blooms wherever you are this weekend and I’ll catch back up with you on Tuesday.

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  1. Here’s hoping your long weekend feels like a long weekend with relaxing and enjoying Dale’s company.

  2. I love cherry blossoms as well. I have 5 cherry trees in my yard, and I am always a little sad when they are through blooming for the year. I hope you and Dale have a weekend filled with love and gratitude.

  3. I also love cherry trees, even when the petals drop and they look like spring snow. Happy Weekend, Carole, and Happy Healing to Dale!

  4. it’s lovely to see you back again! enjoy the long weekend … can we look forward to seeing cocktails for TWO?

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