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Eye Candy Friday

There is a flower farm not too far from me that sells incredibly beautiful blooms and bouquets. They are popular and sell out quickly but while Dale was in the hospital I was able to score a ranunculus bouquet. The pick up process is simple: you drive up, they check your name on a clipboard, and they bring out what you ordered. I’ll admit to being a little disappointed when the ranunculus they brought me were all white; I was hoping for pinks or yellows. Yet when I brought these home and put them in my bedroom they looked perfect against the gray walls and brought me a wonderful feeling of peace.

I hope you have some peaceful feelings this weekend.

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  1. They are beautiful in that spot. I’m all about color, but these look perfect. Happy weekend, with Dale!

  2. I’m wishing you the same peace, Carole. As much as I love color, there’s something so calming about the simplicity of white.

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