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Eye Candy Friday

Last Friday Dale and I took a drive to a nearby town to pick up this bouquet of flowers from Crooked Barn Flower Farm. It was a fun trip, not just because we got anniversary flowers for me but because we followed it up with lobster rolls in Plymouth.

I hope you have a weekend full of flowers and fun!

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  1. It was fun because you were together and Dale can get out. Everything else was just icing I suspect. Although those lobster rolls looked good.

  2. Lovely flowers–they look so fragrant.

    I received a lovely gift from you, Kym, and Bonny from the read along. Thank you!

  3. Yay for lobster rolls. Yay for beautiful flowers. Mostly yay for Dale being out and about!!! Happy weekend Carole – enjoy!

  4. Yum, lobster rolls. I know locally I can get one from 99 but I want one from the shore. Think I will have to venture out over the summer and go pick on up.

    Beautiful flowers! Have a nice weekend!

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