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Maine Vacation, 2020

Our vacation in Maine this year (the 4th in a row since we went back to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary in 2017, this is the house where we spent our honeymoon) was very very different from previous years. For one thing, there is the pandemic. And, while Maine has very low case numbers, we were still quite cautious about doing the things we usually do like going out to eat and shopping. And for two, Dale’s mobility is limited. This house, which I adore, is on a gravel road, with somewhat uneven steps and a significant slope down to the front door. Those things do not make it easy for a guy with a broken leg to get in and out.

I knew all of this going in, of course. Dale and I discussed several times whether we should go, knowing that we wouldn’t be able to do some of the things we have always done . . . taking walks together every day, both on the beach and through the neighborhood was off the table, in addition to the other things I’ve already mentioned. I figured I’d be okay with the restrictions. I figured sitting on the porch and enjoying the beautiful view with books and Dale would be just fine.

I was both right and wrong about that.

I really really missed walking on the beach and walking in the neighborhood. I know I could have gone by myself, Dale even encouraged me to do it, but it just felt . . . wrong. I had no desire to do that without him by my side to talk with about all the little things that come up on a walk, to show pieces of beach glass to, to exclaim over unique rocks and admire pretty gardens, and dream about the house we would buy if we won the lottery.

I’ll be perfectly honest and say it took a few days to adjust to the changes and hit my stride. By Tuesday, though, I was good with it. I resigned myself to being the one who would run out alone for supplies as needed. I, somewhat grudgingly, accepted that the extra cooking was okay because we got to dine al fresco with a wonderful view every night. And I recognized that while shopping can be fun, there wasn’t anything new under the sun I was likely to find, even if my cocktail napkin supply is in desperate need of replenishing and gift shops are the perfect place to find them.

But enough of this. Want to see some pictures? Because it really was a lovely week.

The night we arrived was cool and we retreated inside for Friday Night Snacks.

And a fire!

After that, though, the days were warm and the nights were comfortable. We usually go in June and July was much different as far as the weather.

We did have a wonderful visit with Kim and Ken, we visited the Farmer’s Market together and had a great afternoon on our porch and an early dinner together before they headed home.

Other than that, though, it was lots of reading and porch sitting.

Dale remarked at one point, there’s not much going on but there sure is a lot to see. That made me laugh because it’s just so true when it comes to gazing out at the bay in front of this house. There’s lots to see: sailboats and speed boats, loons and sea gulls and even a black duck and duckling, fish swirling, people watching, and more.

We ate just fine, I grilled a few times. (Please note, my hair hasn’t been this long since . . . I can’t even remember. I really need to get over my apprehension and get a haircut.)

And we had lobster, of course. First, hot with butter. And then also lobster rolls.

Pretty much each afternoon looked like this.

And each evening looked like this.

It was different. And ultimately good for us. The distractions at home, the news, the mail, the television, were all stripped away and it was just us. And once I accepted the changes as positive it turned out to be a pretty great week.

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  1. I understand the disappointment with the limitations, but it seems like you and Dale rallied well. What a stunning setting to not do much, but see a lot. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. What amazing views! I love all the things you saw! And good for you accepting change and for finding joy! XO

  3. I tend to focus on things I am missing and you have that in spades with coronavirus and Dale’s broken leg, but this looks like it was a heavenly week. Hopefully next time you go you’ll be able to take walks with Dale and they will be even more wonderful for having missed them this year. (I love those andirons and think your hair looks great!)

  4. My family is very big on tradition so when we have to do things differently,it takes awhile to adjust. You would think we would be getting better at that by now.

  5. Looks like you had a different perspective for this vacation and it was still wonderful.

  6. I’m glad you were able to get away and glad that it all shook out ok. I think youi look pretty darn good with that hair and handling the grill!

  7. So lovely, Carole! I’m glad you guys were able to get away . . . even though it wasn’t quite The Same. (Things are so weird these days.) That is such a beautiful spot! XO

  8. I’m so glad you had a good vacation, Carole. Those lobsters – YUM. It looks like a lovely way to spend a week away. I finally bought a tri-fold mirror and have been cutting my own hair. It’s an adventure!

  9. Looks like heaven to me. I’m limited in movement due to back issues and I spend most of my time sitting. I totally understand the adjustment for you. It’s been such a strange world lately.

  10. You made a great choice of places to getaway to and it looks like you had a nice relaxing and lovely time. I am envious! Smith and I have thought about escaping, but Park City has a higher rate of virus than we do and So. Utah isn’t enticing.

  11. Wow that looks like a slice of heaven to me. We too have been shut down by first a back fracture from a fall and then surgery. We are a year in now and lots has changed in the ways we traveled. Sold the trailer, too much work. Now just contemplating whether we move to road trips and hotels or maybe a small motor home. Time will tell. You are doing a grand job of getting through your changes.

  12. We just came home for our family cottage in RI, we are fortunate to share the responsibilities with my three siblings and have lots of opportunities for memories. It was different and I didn’t realize how much we went out and about. As MA residents, we stayed off of the nicest beach and enjoyed our own waterfront, not a hardship, but I do LOVE the beach. Shopping was pretty easy, though I didn’t browse the local things as much as I usually do. And there was no Main Street Ladies Night, which I find somewhat offensive but enjoy with my now adult daughter. So glad we went, the four walls were different and I counted my blessings that we have such a gift from my parents.

    Also, I really like the Friday evening snacks routine you have going and am going to style one for us.

    thank you.

  13. Such gorgeous scenery! As long as I had my knitting, I could spend every single day for the rest of my life sitting on that porch watching the water. Glad you had fun!

  14. Your pictures from Maine are amazing. I’m glad you were able to enjoy most of the trip! My sister in law was in Camden, Maine this weekend. But it was to scatter her husband’s ashes, which made the trip not so pleasant. (sorry to be a downer)

    1. And now I think this comment is in very poor taste and I wish I could take it back. I apologize that it’s so insensitive, especially given all of the challenges your family has faced in the last few months.

  15. All things considered, it still sounds like it was a physically and emotionally relaxing trip, and I hope that you’re feeling more positive and rested now.

  16. Good for you for getting there–as in, actually getting to Maine, as well as settling in to this year’s ‘way of being’ there. I’ll bet it was hard, given Expectations…and your history there as comparison. I love the colors of Maine, and I glimpse them everywhere in these beautiful photos! Thanks for the armchair travels to one of my favorite states.

  17. What a beautiful place for a vacation. It looks so inviting and CALM! And Lobster!!! Glad you were able to adjust to a different sort of vacation and glad you were able to get away for a bit. It does one’s soul good!

  18. Under the conditions we’re all living in, and your particular situation with Dale’s broken leg, your vacation looks PERFECT!!!! Glad you could get away, relax, and enjoy yourselves. The views alone from this house would make any vacation fabulous.

  19. Carole, it looks like a completely delightful week … I’m sure the change of scenery was most welcome (gosh, I haven’t spent this many nights in my own bed since I can remember) and what a change it was! I love Dale’s comment about so much to see!

  20. Oh, how lovely. What a beautiful spot! I think we’re all getting used to rolling with things… everything is just a little different (though we can still be a little grumpy sometimes).

    My hair is longer than it’s ever been in my life. My stylist is going to FREAK OUT… but I’m still not ready.

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