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Monday On My Mind

I expect you know what’s on my mind this Monday: the election. Now, this is not a political blog . . . but it is a blog about my life and I can’t not talk about this here. And yet, I’m struggling with what to say. I feel elated and relieved about the results and also concerned about the divisiveness I see over them. I’m not surprised at that, the current administration has pushed for this all along, but I’m ready for something different. I’m ready for a Comforter in Chief . . . a President who talks to me and makes me feel better. As we waited for Vice President Elect Kamala Harris to take the stage Saturday night I was watching the jumbotrons and they were flashing these words:




And I felt as if cool rain was washing down on me, clearing away the vitriol and cruelty, and ushering in light and love. I listened to their speeches about the soul of America, about protecting democracy, about listening to each other and finding common ground, and I felt a glimmer of optimism and a spark of joy. I laughed and cried and released a whole lot of pent up emotions. I know that reconciliation is dubious. That many Americans feel the opposite of what I’m feeling. But I think we can heal that by disagreeing respectfully, by listening carefully, and by working together.

It’s time.

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  1. I remember the horrible, nauseous feeling I had in the pit of my stomach when I learned he had been elected in 2016, and am trying to remember that some 70 million plus people now feel the same way about this election. I don’t think I can ever understand that, and while I have reservations, I also hope for listening, respectful disagreement, and working together. There really is no other choice.

  2. My stomach is still a bit in knots because the current is going to use every last day to make us miserable but I’m holding on. We can do hard things.

  3. Kind of hard to reconcile with anyone who denies the outcome of the election. I believe the *only* Republican who has publicly congratulated Joe and Kamala is GW Bush.

    I have faith in the soundness of our election, but I don’t have that same faith in our institutions. January 20 is a long way off.

  4. (sigh) So much work ahead. I’m grateful for the results, but we’ve got to help GA get a fair runoff or only half the job will get done.

  5. I’ve spent two days tearing up at random things. You never know how much something is weighing on you until it’s removed.

  6. Well said by you, Carole, and all the people who commented. I feel like I can take a much deeper breath today than I could a week ago. I am now hoping against all hope that GA will give us some Democratic senators. We will certainly be better off with Biden/Harris, but I would hate to see them hamstringed by a Republican senate that is just being obstructive. That has been their tone since Obama was elected. I wish they would decide to govern instead of just acting like 2 year olds! But, YAY, we have a chance now that Biden/Harris have been elected!

  7. it is time. finally. thankfully. and I think libraries and books can play a key role, especially in building empathy. have you heard about any initiatives… maybe it’s just too soon (I mean COVID is right to be step #1, right?)

  8. It was wonderful to hear “normal” speeches, wasn’t it? Ones that were all about the country instead of the speakers. And Kamala Harris’ smile just lights up any space she is in — she seems like such a genuine soul.

    As a fed, I have a couple of interesting months ahead of me. I wish I could fall asleep and wake up on January 20.

  9. I’m feeling… cautiously optimistic. I’m elated that Biden-Harris will be in the White House come January, but I’m utterly floored and very disappointed that it was as close as it was.

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