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Eye Candy Friday

We’ve been in an unsettled weather pattern for the last week or so with small amounts of fresh snow falling every few days. I captured the sun coming through the trees in our backyard and even though I’ve already shared this on Instagram and Facebook, well, it’s showing up here, too! I drove to work right after taking this photo and it was so sparkly out there!

I hope there’s plenty of sparkle in your weekend. Monday is a holiday so I’ll catch up with you on Tuesday. Look for the sparkle!

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  1. I don’t know about sparkly, but we’re sure gonna have cold. Today’s the warm day and we won’t see 20°! Grateful I have a warm place to be.

  2. We’ve got snow predicted every day next week and maybe some ice, too. If we’ve got to have that sort of weather, I do hope it looks as sparkly as yours!

  3. Beautiful! We’re in the same boat where we get snow on top of snow on top of snow. It’s annoying, but it’s also quite pretty. I guess it’s Mother Nature’s way of making us not mind dealing with it as much. Stay warm this weekend and enjoy the sparkle!

  4. What a beautiful photo! It’s so nice to see the sun (almost) rising in my rear-view on the way to work in the morning. Next week, I should actually see some blinding light. Let’s hope! Have a great weekend with your Valentine(s)!!

  5. What great advice, Carole, I will look for the sparkle. Although I won’t have to look far! Everything down here is covered in ice. Not as pretty as your sparkling picture, which by the way is gorgeous. I hope your weekend is warm and cozy.

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