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Eye Candy Friday

The carnation often gets a bad rap, perhaps because of it’s price point it’s just not valued in the same way as roses. And yet, of all the flowers in the mixed bouquet Dale brought me for Valentine’s Day, it’s the carnations that are still going strong. Take that, fancy flowers!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Carnations were my absolute favorite as a kid. I still like them. I think the bad rap is from the strange colors they’re forced into being. Hmmm, I wonder if they’ll have some at the grocery today.

  2. I love carnations! Wonder if some of us still associate them with funerals when, in years past, they were used quite a bit in funeral arrangements; maybe because they stood up so well. They’re still beautiful. Continue to enjoy them and tell Dale to forget the roses next year, just bring on the carnations!???

  3. I LOVE carnations for that very reason! They are gorgeous and last so long. Simply beautiful…

  4. I’ve always loved carnations, and I never understood why they are so denigrated. Sure, they’re cheaper, but as you’ve noted, they last longer. And they come in so many pretty colors! And they smell nice!

  5. ooohhh, “fancy flowers” need to be knocked down a peg 🙂 personally, I think carnations, and alstroemerias, are often short-changed. at this point, ANYthing blooming is welcome! happy Friday!

  6. Very pretty carnations! I love them and I think part of it is that they last so long. Happy Friday!

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