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Eye Candy Friday

If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen this photo but it’s so lovely I have to share it here as well. I treated myself to this bouquet of hot house flowers last Friday and it’s spectacular. I’ve been loving it all week and even though the tulips are now overblown and the anemones are starting to wilt, it’s still bringing me joy every time I walk by it.

Find the joy this weekend, friends!

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  1. I believe the joy is going to be buried under 26”-28” of snow. I’ll be hoping to find a lot of things! At least it’s the weekend and no necessary trips to be made.

  2. I love anemones SO much!
    Hats off to you, Carole, on your accomplishment of 100 rides! I can’t even imagine reaching that goal. You and Kym are a great duo!

  3. Those are beautiful, Carole! Your Eye Candy Friday posts never fail to brighten my day!

    My husband got flowers last Friday when he got home from a hospital stay due to back surgery. He’s been up and around every day, as the surgery was a great success. Today he’s standing by the sink and says, maybe I’ll take some time today and pull out all the wilting and shedding flowers to spruce this thing up. Funny thing is, I do that all the time with the flowers we get and he thought it was a novel idea when he “came up” with it… Hah!!

    (And I see from the comments that you hit your Century Ride today. Congratulations! I did a month of Yoga with Adrienne to start the year but have not done much of any other consistent exercise since…)

  4. So beautiful, Carole! We made a rare stop at Trader Joe’s when in Milwaukee earlier this week and picked up some flowers, too. They’re so wonderful (and a nicer selection than the local grocery, better price point than the florist).

    CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR CENTURY RIDE!! (Yes, Kym sent me… but I’d have stopped by anyway.)

    Happy Weekend!

  5. Noticed from the comments that you completed your Century Ride! Congratulations! That is no small feat! I have never received anemones in a bouquet, but those are spectacular, Carole. Have a nice self-congratulatory weekend!

  6. Congratulations on your century ride!!! I hope you enjoy your beautiful flowers and a wonderful weekend!

  7. Stunning anemones…a great way to celebrate your Century Ride! Congratulations–on all that word represents for you and for making this ride part of your story. I’m VERY happy for you. Love…Carolyn

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