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Eye Candy Friday

On Wednesday I planted pansies in the 3 window boxes on the front of our house. It felt good to dig in the dirt and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. And, really, what’s sweeter than a little pansy face?

Actually, I can think of one thing that’s sweeter and that is . . . vacation! And I’m taking one (from work and the blog) next week. Be good and I’ll catch you back here on the 26th!

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  1. I am also on vacation–from school! Unfortunately, snow is predicted for tomorrow. But fingers crossed it’s the wet kind that will melt fast!

    Enjoy your break.

  2. Oh the colors in that pansy face LOVE! and hope you’re enjoying a well-deserved break from everything you need a break from!

  3. My pansies made a stunning comeback mid-March. It’ll be time to dig them up in a couple weeks though. Enjoy your time “away”.

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