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I’m joining with Kat this week to talk about what I’m knitting and reading.

First up, this hat. Sigh. Did I say a few weeks ago that I thought I had the hang of brioche stitch? Talk about famous last words! I mean, I suppose I do (mostly) have the hang of going round and round with this but when it came time for the crown decreases . . . not so much. I knew I had messed it up but I sort of kept going anyway because it pretty much looked okay. And then I dropped a stitch on one of those 3 stitch decreases and the whole thing got wonky and I wound up ripping back. I thought I’d only have to go back to where I started the decrease but, as has been the case with this hat from the beginning, I had to go back much further before I was able to move forward again. I’m just at the point where I can start the decreases again. Pray for me, mmmmkay?

As for reading, it’s been all cozy mystery books all the time for the last week or so. My brain has just been mush when it comes to reading concentration lately so I’m giving myself a break and taking things easy.

What are you knitting and reading this week?

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  1. Knitting: Carole’s Sock Recipe socks! Only instead of the picot top, I use a larger needle for the turning row as they are for a man.
    Reading: “Fire Keeper’s Daughter,” billed as a YA novel.

  2. I’ll be looking forward to the cozy mystery report! I have not forgotten what it’s like to learn something new in knitting and the excessive unraveling that sometimes accompanies that. You can do it!

  3. Basic brioche stitch is relatively easy. But shaping in brioche is not — that’s always where I get tripped up. So you’re not the only one! And cozy mysteries are among my favorite when I need a thinking break in my reading.

  4. Of course you can do it! You are a knitting pro! Take three deep breaths and focus, or just put it down for a while and come back to it. No need to stress. I just finished Perestroika in Paris, and I appreciate the recommendation. It was just the kind of read I needed, Carole.

  5. Sending all the good knitting mojo (brioche shaping is hard!) … and I love Kym’s idea! I’ve been reading some hard stuff lately, too – and I’m just about ready to pick back up where I left off with Lady Jane Grey (Deanna Raybourn – so fun!)

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