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Welcome to . . . The Museum of ME

Last month, Kym introduced a new feature on her blog that she named The Museum of Me. It came from a bit of introspection about blogging and I can relate to that completely, as I sometimes contemplate the role the blog plays in my life. The bottom line, for me, is that it’s an incredible online diary of my life, going all the way back to January 2005. Aside from the satisfaction I get from writing, it’s also super useful when it comes to remembering when things happened. For instance, the other day I needed to know when I had Lyme. I knew it was the summer that Dixie died so I searched that on the blog and there it was, August 2014. Not to mention all the big things like weddings and vacations, births and birthdays and deaths, and all the stuff in between for all these years.

So, I’m tagging along with this Museum of Me thing, but in my own way, using Kym’s ideas as a starting point and then putting my own riff on them. Kym’s first exhibit was the oldest thing from her childhood still in her possession. I gave that some thought and I’d have to say it’s probably the Christmas ornaments my brothers made when they were little, back in the late 1950s and early 1960s. They are invaluable to me and I put them on the tree with so much care and love every year. They are also currently in a box in the attic and, as much as I’m committed to this blog, I’m not dragging that box out to take a photo today. Instead, I’m sharing a photo of something from my childhood that is currently on display in my home.

These ceramic Siamese cats were my moms and I clearly remember them being on a side table in our living room. I don’t know where they came from or when she got them but I can’t remember a time they weren’t there. The house I grew up in was a sort of modified cape and the living room was to the right of the front door and it was 100% my mom’s room. It’s where she went to relax and have a moment of peace and my brothers and I were not allowed to play in that room, although we did walk by it every time we went up and down the stairs. Honestly, I only remember being in that room for extended periods of time on Sunday afternoons, holidays, and when I practiced the piano. And sometimes, if I asked and was very careful, I was allowed to move these cats from the side table to the piano and I would play concerts for them. Eventually the piano became their permanent home and I spent a lot of time playing for them. Which is maybe weird . . . but still true.

They have been in various places in our house for many years and right now they are on the tall dresser in our bedroom. They make me think of all the Siamese kitties I have had over the years. And of playing the piano for them.

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  1. Isn’t it amazing the memories we have from those early years. I imagine your kitties were not the only ones given private concerts or plays by small people. I hope you’ll share those ornaments when you have them out later this year. I have very few things from my childhood, possibly because my parents are still living and they are enjoying them and the associated memories a little longer.

  2. I love your concert cats! They do look like they are listening intently, and that’s saying something for cats. I’m looking forward to your next museum exhibit.

  3. Carole, I love these cats! And what a great history you have with them. These types of objects that travel with us through so much time are so precious, mostly for the memories they contain. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. I love your Concert-Cats, Carole. What a great story — and such precious memories. (Also insight . . . to your love of Siamese kitties!) XO

  5. When I see these, I immediately get “We are Siamese, if you please” in my head. They certainly look like they were an attentive audience for your piano playing!

  6. Well no wonder you love Siamese Cats so very much, they were your most adoring fans when you were little! What a wonderful and tangible memory of your childhood. Thanks for sharing this (and your life) with us through your blog.

  7. That’s adorable! I love that you’d play concerts for them!!

    Can’t wait for more exhibits… I love this stuff.

    My blog is a LIFESAVER for figuring out when events occurred. I can’t believe how many times I refer to it for that reason!

  8. I love these kitties and what they represent in your life now. I will be available to meet you on another day in the future.

    I’m not sure if I’m ready for a Museum of Me, (scary), but I do remember that my grandmother had a shelf of different dogs ceramics that I loved. I never thought of my grandmother as a dog person, but she had the most amazing collections that I loved to look at even if I wasn’t allowed to play with. Memories are such a wonderful thing!

  9. Fun post! I have an old Christmas ornament, too, plus a piece of plastic (?) in which he placed pieces of another favorite ornament which got broken. (He made that for me in shop in middle school and is now 46.) Everytime I look at it I think of long ago Christmases as well as his childhood!)

  10. I don’t think a child playing a concert to kitties is a weird thing at all. I’m sure we did something similar in our home as the piano was constantly played (5 girls taking lessons? yeah). The kitties are really beautiful knick knacks (as we called them) or tsotchkes (as Smith calls them). Anyway, I can see why you have them and why they are important to you. They’re lovely!!

  11. I always remember the siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp – they weren’t so nice as yours and I’m positive they would not sit still for a piano concert. even one played especially for them. I’m loving seeing these stories pop up in my feed and look forward to more!

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