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Monday On My Mind

On Saturday, I got my Pfizer booster. I went to a clinic in a neighboring community and the thing that warmed my heart was seeing so many kids getting vaccinated.

Most of the kids seemed pretty excited to be there but there was definitely some apprehension about the shot itself. There was one child, who was, to put it mildly, pretty distraught. His cries could be heard throughout the entire room and the reaction it had on the kids in line, well, you can imagine. But the waiting parents handled it well, keeping their kids calm and reminding them that everyone reacts differently to shots. I thanked the kids and parents who made eye contact with me, telling them they were doing a great job protecting themselves, their families, and their community.

As for me, my only reaction to the booster was a sore arm. I’m grateful to be boosted as we head into the holiday season and winter.

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  1. So glad you got your booster — and especially that the side effects didn’t cause you much suffering. WIN-WIN! 🙂

  2. I’m glad you got your booster (with the only side effect a sore arm). I’m getting mine this evening (and I may have already thought I might need a nap tomorrow).

  3. The 3 adults in our household (2 seniors, 1 youngster) got our Moderna boosters recently. Two were quite sick with flu-like symptoms for exactly 2 1/2 days. One, me, was perfectly fine, although I was the one who was sick for a week following the second shot. Reactions seem to be weirdly individualized.

  4. I got my booster, walk-in, at CVS on October 11th, about an hour after I got my annual flu shot. I was achy and sore for a few hours that evening, but I’ll tell you, I was so glad to have both of the shots. I’m still not ready to jump fully back into society, but I feel more prepared than I have been in the last couple of years.

    We’re seeing the jump in children’s vaccination here, also, in my Blue County, surrounded by red all around, so I believe the University employees believe in the science, even though the University itself refuses to mandate anything.

  5. I got my booster as soon as they became available. Same side effects as I had with both previous shots, but if it confers some immunity, I don’t care about side effects. I hope you are all tuned up for the holidays, Carole!

  6. Honestly, if I’m feeling a little down, I just watch a news story about kids getting vaccinated and I feel much better — it’s such a positive development. (Those national “get vaccinated” ads that HHS is running also make me feel a little teary!) I’m glad to hear that you had no reaction to your booster other than a little soreness. My husband got his on Saturday, and the pharmacist said she expects we’ll all be getting another round of boosters in 6 months!

  7. I’m so glad you got a booster and that people are getting their kids vaccinated. I got my pfizer booster a couple of weeks ago and just had a sore arm. I am so grateful for these vaccines!

  8. I got my booster a few weeks ago and had no reaction except maybe a slight sore arm but I don’t remember so it must not have been too bad. Had my flu shot and the shingles shot Friday and had the slight sore arm with the flu shot but my arm is still sore from the shingles shot.

  9. We get our boosters this week and grandson number one is just a few weeks away from his first vaccine. I feel some of that weight lifting

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