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Monday On My Mind

There’s nothing like the Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend to induce the Sunday Scaries. You know about that term, right? It refers to the anxiety that sets in on Sunday when we think about going back to work or school on Monday. It’s not something I experience frequently (I did more a few years ago) but it’s a real thing that impacts many people.

I don’t necessarily have any great advice on how to deal with the Sunday Scaries other than my advice for any difficult feelings: acknowledge how you feel, think about why you might feel that way, and then do your best to let it go. In an effort to do that, and to get some of my tasks for the week out of the way, I went to the nursery yesterday and got wreaths and bows for the house. One big wreath for the side of the house (we’re on a corner and I like to hang a wreath on the side that faces the main road, a wreath for the front door, and a wreath for the side door. We didn’t hang them yet but we did get the Christmas decorations down from the attic and (mostly) got everything set up. Not the tree yet . . . I have the Kitten Scaries when I think about that . . . but everything else is done.

And now it’s Monday morning and it’s time to get ready for work and deal with the tasks that need to be handled. Good thing I like my job even if I would rather be home.

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  1. It’s more about the Sunday evening blues at our house. No real anxiety, just a wistfulness for the pace of the weekend to continue.

    More importantly, is there a pool we can enter regarding kittens being retrieved from your Christmas tree?! Ha, ha.

  2. I have the Sunday Dreads every time we have to drive back to MD. It was especially bad yesterday, traffic was terrible even though we left early, and patience and kindness seemed to be at a minimum. But I’m lucky that the trips are dwindling down. And I want to get in on Robby’s kittens vs. tree pool!

  3. I confess to laughing right out loud at Kym’s comment! I can remember when Clueless Kat put up a tree, never realizing what the cat would do! LOL Imagine my terror at waking abruptly in the middle of the night after the cat brought the tree down! Oy… what a colossal mess that was! Yeah…and that was the last cat I ever had!

    Good luck with your tree! (maybe no ornaments this year??)

  4. Now that I am retired, I no longer have that dread of Monday mornings, so I am a bit spoiled. I will say that you will be surprised at missing work when you no longer have it. Humans! Never satisfied – LOL. I guess the perfect job would be one that you liked and could go to when you felt like it. I hope you have a week of work that you truly enjoy, Carole.

  5. Oh the Sunday Scaries/Dreads/Whatever You Call Them. So real, so upsetting. I’m glad you like your job, because that probably helps a lot.

    We have only ever had one cat who knocked down our tree – and he seriously ran into it during a zoomies phase, and bumped it that hard. Otherwise, we have been lucky, and all decorations on the lower part are non-breakable, because why tempt fate, right?

  6. When we had a crazy kitten, we screwed a cup hook into the wall behind the tree and wrapped wire around the trunk then secured it to the hook. It worked!

  7. Reading your post today regarding the kittens…I’ve got a picture I’m going to send your way. 🙂

  8. There were definitely some Sunday Scaries at our house last night. But it helps to go back after an unusually long weekend when you can count how many days of work or school are left before winter vacation!

  9. playing a little holiday catchup – I’ve thought often about Ten on Tuesday – it was a very fun season and how I met you! I love that you resurrected the format for a Thankful list. I hope you had a lovely holiday, full of all the good things. and are now basking in the warm glow of twinkle lights.

  10. I adopted a cat in January so this is our first holiday. He’s about 2 1/2 to 3 yrs old so still very playful. I put out fewer decorations and decorated the tree with only non-breakable ornaments. It’s only been two days, but it’s clear where he has rearranged the ribbon, lights, and tried to sit on branches (it’s an artificial tree).
    Good luck with those kittens!

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