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Eye Candy Friday

We had some snow last night. It wasn’t the first flakes to fall but it was the first that stuck around, at least for a little while. I was able to snap this photo of the beautyberry graced by snow this morning when I left for work. Sometimes being a lazy gardener (i.e. one who doesn’t cut everything back in the fall) pays off!

I hope you have a weekend of unexpected payoffs!

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  1. Thanks for a lovely snowy picture. Excellent decision to not trim the bush to get us this shot. 😉

  2. Your great choice not to trim back the beautyberry makes for a lovely photo! (And you’re also providing a food source for lots of birds and wildlife. Well done!)

  3. Lovely! And . . . you’re not a “lazy gardener” at all! You’re just one that considers the benefits of having “winter interest” in your garden. And that’s the BEST part of an all-season garden plan. XOXO
    (Plus those berries will be food for hungry creatures!)

  4. Lovely photo! Beautyberry is definitely a good winter food source for the birds. Mine does not last through to December. Once the berries are ripe in the fall, the migrating birds seem to eat them all pretty quickly.

  5. Just back to North Central Florida, after a week in the mountains near Chattanooga, with our kids. It was over 80 degrees when we got home. UGH!!!

    Thank you for sharing a winter picture! Looking forward to moving to our mountain home next year!

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