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Eye Candy Friday

It’s a snow day! And I’ll have you know, I took this photo from the (relative) comfort of my mudroom because I have zero plans of going outside today!

Cheers to the first full weekend of 2022, I hope it brings you good things.

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  1. We even got some snow here in Pittsburgh! (I have already been out in it with Sherman… who walked very very very quickly! lol)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. We’ve been having snow for a couple of days now. It’s really lovely out there. We still take the dogs for walks, even when it’s cold and snowy. (They love it. And once we get out there, so do we.) Enjoy your cozy day inside. XO

  3. Your view looks like mine, and since I live in the south, that’s rare. I also have really cold temps here, below freezing for 48 hours, which certainly makes the decision not to go out very easily made. So let’s have a nice snow day, hot tea, hot chocolate, some knitting and some reading. Sounds like paradise, yes? Especially on a Friday!

  4. I haven’t gone out yet! Probably an afternoon walk for Boone and a dinner date at 6 but otherwise hunkered down and it feels so good! Have a great weekend Carole!

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