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Eye Candy Friday

I did venture to the grocery store for flowers yesterday. The astute among you will notice that they are not tulips. They are also not my flowers, I bought them for a coworker who is dealing with a very difficult situation right now. I think it brought me as much, if not more, cheer to give them away than it would have to keep them for myself.

And there’s a life lesson for you this Friday, my friends. It’s a long weekend for me, I will see you back in this space on Tuesday.

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  1. Those are lovely flowers, Carole. Like Bonny, I’ve been thinking a lot about your co-worker. Enjoy your weekend. XO

  2. A lovely thing to do, Carole, and you are wise to know that you will get more pleasure from giving them than keeping them. I hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Your co-worker will never forget the simple thoughtfulness of these flowers. I’ve been the recipient of gestures and it really makes a difference. Your post is a good reminder how something small can make a huge difference!

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