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March Money Madness: Week 3

Let’s recap week 2 of my journey into March Money Madness.

I’m putting myself in the win category again this week but I did have a couple of expenses I hadn’t anticipated. Well. Not exactly unanticipated. More like un-planned. But necessary.

Allow me to explain.

First, I had completely forgotten that I had scheduled my car to go in for a 30,000 mile service appointment. That was a big ticket item but it needed to be done and I consider it to fall under the category of paying bills.

Second, I had to buy a birthday present for my bestie. I shopped local. But I suppose I did technically break the rules. Nevertheless, I wasn’t about to let her birthday slip by without notice.

Third, we attended an in-person Kiwanis meeting at a local restaurant for the first time since last November. I was specifically asked to attend to read a letter from the Board of Selectmen so it couldn’t be avoided. We enjoyed a nice dinner out and caught up with friends.

All other expenditures were related to paying bills or buying food from the grocery store. We did not get take out and I brought my lunch to work every day – which is something I generally do anyway. Eliminating take out on Wednesdays requires a little more effort on my part but the benefits of that go beyond saving money since I get to see Jackie enjoy something I’ve made and we tend to be a little more formal about it and sit at the table as a family to eat.

I won’t lie, there are some things I am jonesing to purchase and I’ve got a small list for April 1st. I predict that some of those things on the list won’t matter by then, but there is one big ticket item that I’ve wanted forever and I’m thinking it might be the perfect reward for not spending extra this month.

And that’s this week’s March Money Madness update.

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  1. Your three unplanned expenses seem perfectly reasonable to me (not that I’m the referee of your March money experiment at all!) and money that needed to be spent. You’re halfway through and doing well!

  2. Since I retired six months ago I have been keeping a very close eye on my spending and am really pleased at how well I’ve done. I listed all my big ticket items and when they occur on a spreadsheet and have cut out impulse yarn buys, etc. Who knew I could be such an adult? šŸ˜›

  3. I, too, think you are doing very well! I absolutely HATE car expenses. They are necessary, but a necessary evil in my book and they are always more than I anticipate. When I ask Fletch how much a car bill will be and he responds, in my head I automatically add $500 to that…then, most times, I’m ok with the final outcome – LOL. But, since I am thinking of retiring in a year or so, I need to start getting serious about this!

  4. Bravo to you! (and I love having a “list of things I think I want” almost everything that is not a “normal expense” … bills and groceries, and I think more on it. Many many many times the things on that list never get from that “initial excitement” which fades rather quickly)

    And Bonny is right… you are half way through! šŸ™‚

  5. Y’know . . . those unplanned expenses don’t seem to break any of the rules you’ve set for yourself. I think it’s a really wise idea to keep that list-of-things-I-want going. When I do that, it’s amazing how my perspective has changed by the time it comes to actually making the purchase! Do you think you’ll keep going with this Money Madness . . . or is it just a one-month gig?

  6. I think these purchases are all perfectly justified and within your rules. They weren’t impulse purchases and were pretty necessary, so I think you can very reasonably pat yourself on the back for this week! I’ll be interested to hear if you still want the things on your list come April 1.

  7. Unanticipated expenses always spring up, so you may as well take them in stride, yeah? Do you want to do this longer than a month, Carole? You are developing new habits that may become more fixed over a bit longer time. Just thinking out loud. Many of my pandemic adjustments are now permanent or semi-permanent, I think, and they are all to the good. Congratulations! You are doing very well, and it’s not easy in this society that tells us every 30 seconds there is something we must have.

  8. Heck! I want to know what the big ticket item is! šŸ™‚ You’re doing a great job Carole.

  9. Sounds to me like you’re thinking of every purchase and that is money consciousness. Even when you decide that a big ticket item is worth your hard earned dollars it will be money well spent, not just frivolously going through your figures. Good job, Carole!

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