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Museum of Me: August 2022 Exhibit

Welcome to the new monthly exhibit of the Museum of Me. Thanks to Kym (who has a brand new and amazing blog right here – check it out!)for another great monthly exhibit topic, this month we are showcasing a photo (or in this case photoS) from my childhood that most captures the me of today.

I was looking for a particular photo and couldn’t find it but instead found 3 gems and, when I couldn’t decide which one to choose, I decided to share all 3. I’m a multi-faceted person, after all.

A set up at my Nana’s and I’m playing library, circa 1969 and I’m 4 years old. I played library and school frequently and in this particular photo I appear to be putting on a puppet show for a children’s program. I can still feel that scratchy wool blanket that I’m using as a table cloth. And I love that photo of my brothers hanging behind me.

In my backyard, circa 1974 and I’m 8. My love for spring flowers and gardening started early, too, and his continues to this day. I loved the tulips that came up every year along the fence and would check on them every day to make sure they were thriving. I’m dressed up for my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary.

Sitting in front of the fire in my childhood home with my first Siamese cat, Simba, circa 1976 and I’m 11. My love for Siamese cats goes back so many years and Simba was such a love. He was a big cat (George reminds me a lot of Simba) and I adored him.

Early signs of who I was going to become. Librarian. Gardener. Cat lover. Constants in my life for sure.

Thanks to Kym for another great monthly exhibit topic.

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  1. I don’t think I was that consistent with my life choices early in life, so this is very impressive, Carole. Great photos, you were so cute as a child, and I can see your adult face in those photos. Great exhibit!

  2. When I opened up your post and saw the middle picture, I thought it was Hannah! Such great memories of you – I love it when you share these posts!

  3. Wow! Hannah sure does look like you. These are great photos Carole and I love how you played Library at such an early age. Simba sure was a beauty!

  4. Cute pictures. My grandmother had a Siamese cat names Ting a Ling when I was little. Sadly, my grandmother passed away when I was 16 and I have no memory of the cat passing away but I do remember the cat, she was rather talkative.

  5. So fun to look back at earlier you. I’ve been doing a bit of that myself as we prepare to move.

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