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Summer Reading Wrap Up

The official end of summer is still over 2 weeks away but, for the purposes of summer reading, Labor Day signaled the end of our program. So, for better or worse, summer reading 2022 is done.

It was an awesome reading time for me! Even without a bingo coverall as a goal, I finished 26 books. And . . . bonus . . . I didn’t have to initiate Jedi mind tricks to get them to fit into arbitrary categories. It was a summer of reading freedom and, while I don’t think I’ll ever be able to capture the summer reading of my childhood . . . the long days of reading in the backyard . . . the nights of staying up with a flashlight under the covers . . . the trips home from the library with my arms full of books and possibilities . . . this came pretty damn close.

I hope it did for you, too. I hope you captured the childlike wonder of reading something you loved. I hope you flitted from book to book until you found just the right one to fit your mood. I hope you read for the shear pleasure of reading with no rules and no restrictions to tamper your enthusiasm. I hope the posts I wrote about finding the right book and making time for reading and why writing book reviews matters resonated with you and showed you a different way of thinking about books and reading. Mostly, though, I hope you had a wonderful summer of reading.

I’ve got prizes to share but I want to offer once last shot at winning so . . . comments on today’s post will be entered along with comments the other 6 summer reading posts. I’ll close the comments on all of the posts this Friday and announce the winners next week.

Thank you for taking this summer reading journey with me. And remember, fall is also a wonderful time for reading . . . let’s talk more about that soon.

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  1. I didn’t read as much as I had hoped this summer. I had a several books started and abandoned and I am still trying to finish the book club selection. I often felt like I had a hard time concentrating when I sat down to read. But I am on target to hit my reading goal for the year!

  2. I don’t have “goals” in reading. I read all sorts of things that take my fancy. In the past few years, I’ve read mostly contemporary political commentary, but also light-hearted rom com brought home by a younger generation. Recently, I picked up a book that’s been sitting around for a while, after it was recommended by a friend. “A Gentleman in Moscow” is not the dreary tome I thought, but is very engaging and reminiscent of “Dr. Zvavago.” (I’m sure I spelled that wrong!)

  3. I read 24 books this summer… and I too appreciated not having to work to make them “fit” a square. It was such a good summer for reading! I read books I might not have picked for a bingo card, and those books are ones I am so happy to have read!

    Thank you so much for hosting Summer Reading! XO

  4. I . . . haven’t counted the number of books I read this summer (and I’m too lazy to look it up on Goodreads right now), but I’ve had a great summer of reading. Some really fine books, and a few duds. But that’s what reading-for-pleasure is all about, isn’t it? Thanks for a fun summer reading program, Carole. Thanks for bringing back that kid-reading feeling again. XO

  5. I also didn’t count the books I read this summer, but because it was so hot, I feel like I stayed inside and read more than usual. I read some great books – The Latecomer, Lucy by the Sea, Blaze Me a Sun, Tomorrow x3, Meet Me at the Museum, and I’m enjoying Fairy Tale right now. It was about as close as I could get to childhood summer reading (without any Nancy Drew)!

  6. Summer reading has not been as much fun this year for me, but you are right, that’s just part of reading for pleasure. Some days you find just the right book, some days you don’t. No matter what, I will never give up the hunt for a good book! I’m glad you had such a wonderful reading season.

  7. I am hoping that my summer reading will continue this month because September is prime hammock reading time around here. I think what I loved most about my summer reading was the lack of specific reading goals. I pretty much let the books come to me and it was really wonderful. I have a few books to read for groups this month but I am going to try to refrain from too much reading have-to titles. There is certainly no lack of amazing books to read these days. Thanks for a fun summer of reading Carole

  8. I’m not sure how many books I read this summer, but I did read some really good books like The Colony and The Year of Marvellous Ways, I had fun reading The Cartographers, and I thoroughly enjoyed re-reading The Shell Seekers. Here’s to more good reading this fall!

  9. I haven’t counted, but I never go to sleep without joining my book “friends” 🙂
    Love your description of childhood reading….. my mom turned me into a reader the year she told me the TV was “broken” and came home with a huge bag of books for me instead…… even after I caught my dad watching the baseball game TV was never the same…. or a good as a book!

  10. I also did not keep a count of books this season but it feels like it was a record summer. Some books were cast aside for not being enjoyable, some books were devoured, some read with my eyes, some with my ears. There was always a book close at hand to pick up when I had a minute or two (though my knitting took a back seat). Thanks Carole for suggesting a summer of reading for me.

  11. I can’t say l’ve reviewed my reads but the latest, a book of disturbing short stories about Cape Breton, called The Men are Sleeping by D R MacDonald is excellent! Like always, l have a small letdown after a good read. Happy fall!

  12. If we’re counting the summer as being June through this weekend, I think I read 35 books! I know that I really enjoyed what I read and enjoyed not having to find a book to fit a particular theme. I also know that I did stretch myself and read some harder books, and I’m a better reader because of it.

  13. I know I say this every year, but THIS summer’s reading was the best ever! I loved exploring a few classics (Lonesome Dove, A Thousand Acres), a handful of new releases (mostly all for the Booker Long List and oh-so-good), books across genres (especially enjoyed discovering Val McDermid), and so much more. Thank you for encouraging us to celebrate reading!

  14. I’ve read 23 books this summer. I may have read more but around August I did a 6 week, 6 book knitting reading thing. The weeks had prompts but you could stray from them. I ended up reading one book for a local book club in with my 6 along with books that I had around waiting to be read so it was a good chance to read some books that have been here a while and some that I picked up recently.

  15. I have a list in the other room of what I read…no idea the number…don’t really care. I enjoyed my reading (except for a dud here or there) and I’m so glad you hosted this year Carole – Thank You. I especially liked no rules, no squares to fill…just sheer enjoyment. It reminded me of the summer reading of my youth. I remember sitting on the lawn under the maple tree reading “Hawaii” by MIchener and “Gone With the Wind” (such large books). I especially love how this connects us all (and ALWAYS adds to my TBR list).

  16. This was the best summer of reading I’ve had for ages. I read with abandon and intention and love almost everything I read. In all, I read 37 books. The only reviews I wrote were in my head. The hot days kept me inside most of the time and that’s why I was able to concentrate on the act of reading. Thanks for an encouraging summer, Carole!

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