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Eye Candy Friday

The dahlias are still coming on strong. In fact, the final plant finally bloomed last week; it’s that big yellow-ish blossom in the middle front. The others are producing blooms like crazy and some are as tall as I am! I am thrilled with how they are doing and truly in awe of their beauty.

Have a fabulous weekend, friends.

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  1. Gorgeous Carole! We’ve got them too but your variety is so pretty! Have a wonderful weekend. I’ve got Dan coming in – haven’t seen him since June 🙂

  2. These dahlias just continue into fall? I didn’t know they bloomed for a such a long time. They are beautiful!

  3. What a beautiful array of blooms Carole! They look huge and gorgeous (and I find it hard to believe that one plant is as tall as you!!). Happy weekend!

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