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Eye Candy Friday

It’s cranberry harvest time in Massachusetts and for the last two weeks I’ve been hoping to stumble across a bog to photograph. My timing and luck haven’t come through this season, unfortunately. I’ve seen plenty of trucks full of red berries driving around town but I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing those gorgeous ruby cranberries floating and ready for harvest. So, I’m re-sharing a photo from a few years back.

That’ll do.

It’s a long weekend and that’ll do, too. I’ll be back in this space on Tuesday, friends.

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  1. Just lovely (and tasty, too)! I had to look up what holiday Monday was, and now I won’t be surprised when I don’t get mail. Thanks!

  2. One of the coolest sites on my trip (SEVEN years ago!) to Massachusetts was a flooded cranberry bog! And I thank you for stopping by the side of road so I could take pictures and see one up close. XO

  3. Caught up! Happy belated work-versary to you, and belated birthday to both you & Jackie!! (FIVE? Really?????) I’m looking forward to reading The Marriage Portrait. Loved Hamnet but picked an unfortunate O’Farrell followup (which I gave up on), so I’m happy to hear good reports about TMP. Camping in the fall! It was just about a year ago that Junah & I took a close-to-home solo camping trip in Ducky — it was chilly & a little wet, but so cozy & we had so much fun!! (I can’t wait to work camping into my schedule better next year!) So sorry to hear about the damage Ian caused at Brant’s house… I hope things are beginning to resolve. I’ve been enjoying the “Eye Candy Friday” — and everyday — flower shows that have been happening in my IG feed! I did not begin watching Grey’s Anatomy when it first aired, either, but a few years ago I went back and watched every episode/season until I was caught up. I’m glad I did and I’ll be watching until they sign off forever, too.

  4. Harvesting in WI is a bit delayed as well although I did see red bobbing berries this past weekend while visiting relatives in the south central part of the state. It is definitely fall.

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