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Eye Candy Friday

First, the good news: my colonoscopy is over! The doctor found 3 small polyps and removed them. They need to be biopsied but he’s not concerned about them. And I’m staying on my 3 year cycle. I was hoping for 5 years this time but, with my family history, my doctor wants to stay ahead of the curve so I’ll be back in 3 years. As much as it’s terrible and gross, it’s a life saving thing and it’s a day. One day. Entirely worth it!

Now, for a photo this week, how about a wedding one that you haven’t seen yet? Because I ain’t got nothing new on my phone to show you. Ha!

The socks (and sparkly sneakers!) in action.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.

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  1. That’s great news on the colonoscopy front. Here’s to boring lab findings and a weekend of fall goodness.

  2. What a great gift for the weekend! Colonoscopy over and no terrible findings, so enjoy your weekend to the max.

  3. Such good colonoscopy news, Carole — and the best attitude about it all, too. XO
    (And that is such a great wedding photo! Those socks were perfection!!!) Have a great weekend.

  4. Hooray for a good colonoscopy, and also a cheer for blue wedding socks and sparkly sneakers! I hope they are getting some wear even well after the wedding.

  5. YAY for good news! And YAY for your attitude about that dreaded test. It really is so critical. Love the wedding photo and I don’t remember the fabric of her dress – gorgeous!!

  6. Hooray for good Colonoscopy news. I think my Dr found a few small polyps, too. It’s so good that they can remove them right there to get them checked out.

    Love the socks and shoes!

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