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Word Cloud

As promised, I am sharing the Word Cloud I created with the words you left in the comments last week. Also included are some of my own words, plus words from Dale and my kids and closest friends.

Creative came in at number one, which I think makes sense given that I’m a knitter and writer and that’s how most of you know me and see me. I’m glad that authentic has a big spot since that’s probably the thing I strive for the most. My task now is to choose 5 power words to help me find my style.

Thanks again for all of your comments, reflection, honesty, and helpfulness with this project.

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  1. I hope you will cut out a copy of your word cloud . . . and pin it up where you can be inspired by yourself every day! XOXO

  2. I agree with Kym — seeing all these words in one place is very inspiring, and I think you should keep it in a place you’ll see it regularly so you can remind yourself often of just how amazing you are!

  3. Very cool and yes – definitely print out a copy to keep by your desk or wherever you end up most of the time – very inspiring!!

  4. Interesting and inspiring! I hope you’ll update us (if it’s not too personal) about your chosen power words and your thoughts about Style School.

  5. Like Bonny, I hope you keep us updated about Style School and your power words. I think your word cloud is very encouraging, Carole! Revel in your positivity!

  6. What a great exercise to kick off this program … these words are such a wonderful affirmation of YOU (and yes, please keep us posted about the class … it sure sounds amazing!)

  7. I’m excited for you and Style school! I’m a follower and fan so I can’t wait to hear about your experience (if you choose to share). And yes to the hang that baby up! xo

  8. I began nodding in agreement with Kym’s comment… that word cloud is so inspiring and I think pinning it up where you can see it everyday is excellent advice!


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