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Three On Thursday

I’m turning the tables this week for Three On Thursday and I’m asking for your help. I think you’re all aware that I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself, both in terms of my mental health and also self care. I have, shared and been vulnerable on the blog, I have chosen yearly words to help me grow and understand myself, I work with an amazing therapist, and I am also under the care of an intuitive eating and body image dietitian.

As part of my next step in becoming authentically me, I just started an online course called Style School. The purpose of the course is to challenge us to match our projection of self to our presentation of self. In other words, I will be learning to match my outsides to my insides. We’re starting this week with all the feeeeeels. How do I feeeeeel on the inside? And does what I’m wearing reflect how I feeeeel? It’s fun and challenging and (somewhat) overwhelming but I can already tell that it’s working.

Here’s where you come in.

One of my assignments is to ask at least 15 people for my 3 best qualities. Of course I will be asking Dale and my kids and friends and coworkers, but I also thought it would be really cool to ask all of YOU! So. Can you please leave me a comment telling me three words that you think describe the essence of who I am? What words come to mind when you think about me? What are my greatest strengths? I know most of you don’t know me in real life but I think reading my thoughts 5 days/week gives you some pretty good insight into who I am.

People who have previously taken this course say this exercise was the most valuable of all the ones they did. I bet I’ll feel the same way thanks to all of you!

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  1. Three on Thursday about Carole: Cares about others, looks for opportunities to enjoy life regularly, creative.

  2. I would describe you as giving (as in giving your time to your loved ones and your community), thoughtful, and someone who really values and treasures what they have (is there a single word to describe this?).

  3. -Thoughtfully mindful,
    -Gentle, walk through the fear self-examiner
    -Articulate and helping us through our journeys w your own shared, inclusive perspective

    3 words don’t do it so l stretched. the boundaries w adjectives. Pick what 3 you like. We have choices!

  4. Oh, my friend. Only THREE?
    (Also loyal, giving, authentic, fearless, searching . . . and oh so many more words. . . )

  5. Nurturing

    Shortly before I retired, a contractor came in to do a mandatory DISC assessment of our team. During the meeting after we did the test, the perky facilitator made us go around and describe what the test revealed about ourselves. (I said that mine showed I was a bitch and hated people which really threw her for a loop.) Shortly after this meeting, the team fell apart: the two senior people (me and my “work husband”) left the agency, and our boss got fired basically for creating the environment that drove us away.

    Introspection can be dangerous! 😛

  6. Dynamic
    Beautiful (in and out)
    Sense of humor
    True (Loyal)
    Openly honest
    Just off the top of my head but, I could go on and on!

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