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Three On Thursday

I have 3 things on my mind this Thursday . . .

I found the ball band for the yarn I used for Dale’s Musselburgh Hat! It’s called Pavement Remix from The Remix Club and it came out in July 2020. This was a special tweed edition, hence the little slubs. I wasn’t even looking for it and voila, there it was. Glad I could set the record straight here and I will be updating my Ravelry project page, too.

We had a special guest last weekend. That’s right, Brant flew in for the weekend to attend his class reunion. After the damage Hurricane Iran wrought, not just on their house and their area but also on the Ft. Myers airport, we weren’t sure he’d still be able to come but he did and it was wonderful to see him. It was a super quick visit – he arrived Friday night and left Sunday morning – but it did our hearts good to be able to hug him and look at him and know he’s okay.

I am having a colonoscopy this morning. I’m hoping, like every time I’ve done this before, that the prep is the worst of it and I’ll have a clean bill of health when it’s all said and done. Let’s face it, not eating for an entire day and the choking down glass after glass of something that’s akin to thick, salty lemonade is . . . gross . . . but it’s such an important procedure and I encourage you to get one if you’re in the age range where this is a recommended test.

And that’s all I have for you this Thursday. Send good juju for me and that test, mmmkay?

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  1. Brant has the same smile as Dale!
    I think the prep is the WORST! It’s the only time in my life l’ve canceled 5X before facing the dreaded drink/shite ad nauseam regimen. I also had the anesthesiologist hold my hand while we joked about the Michael Jackson special sauce. That helped immensely.

  2. The best thing about a colonoscopy is that if they find something, they can most often treat it immediately. So doing them on time is the best way to make that true for you. Enjoy that meal later today. I might have made my dRling stop for a donut on the way home. Good health!

  3. Sending all the best colonoscopy juju your way, Carole. I hope you’re soon done and out eating a lovely meal. XOXO (And I’ll bet it was just the BEST to see – and hug – Brant over the weekend.)

  4. All three of them have the same happy smile! I bet it was good for him to see you guys as well. Hope your test goes well and is in the rear view mirror before you know it.

  5. Sending you all the good thoughts for a clean bill of health (and also applauding you for this very important act of adulting)!

    I’m so glad Brant was able to visit, even if it was a quick trip. My parents’ flight to Ft. Myers just got canceled/rescheduled again, so clearly the airport and airlines are having difficulty still.

  6. More good colonoscopy juju being sent to you. I can see the similarity in those three fine men and I’m glad that Brant got to visit!

  7. Yay for getting your colonoscopy done Carole – so very, very important. Sending all the perfect juju your way. Those 3 guys – they are look so much alike. Happy to hear that Brant got to visit and glad he is ok!

  8. you are so right, the prep is the worst!! I just had one last week and the one thing that saved me from throwing that bottle of prep “Juice” was Gingerale. They always tell you to make sure you drink more than just water. Gatorade, broth etc. For some reason, I picked up a case of NOT diet Gingerale and every time I had to swig that horrible stuff, I took a swig of Gingerale and it really helped to get through the entire bottle. Hope it all goes well and the news will be good.

  9. Happy to hear you’re keeping up with it. Hoping to hear it’s an all clear!

    In a public service (though I know it’s too late for you this time, but may help others you know), I would recommend the pills as an alternative to the liquid. You still have to drink a TON of water with each round of pills (and they’re large pills, so not for the pill averse) but the outcome is the same. So glad my friend (a NP) alerted me to their availability vs gallons of salty/sweet lemonade!

  10. Happy smiles on the men in your life.

    The prep is the worst, I’ve been through many different types (I was offered the pills years ago but I couldn’t swallow that many large pills). My Dr now likes this pricy one but it wasn’t as bad as years ago when I first started getting them. I usually get the colonoscopy/endoscopy combo every 5 years. I will admit to enjoying the relaxing at the hospital with the hot blankets they give you listening in on all the nurse talk and stuff.

  11. What a great picture! Here’s all the good juju regarding your test. I’m sure you’ll sleep like a rock tonight!

  12. Hoping all went well. Yes, the prep is the worst part. But I have seen too many stage IV colon cancers that could have been prevented, across all age groups >30. This, and PAP smears for the lady parts.

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