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Unraveled Again

I’m joining with Kat and my fellow knitters today to take about knitting, unraveling, and reading.

You may recall that I was knitting a hat. Three weeks ago, I shared that I my gauge was off and I had to unravel way back to make it smaller. Two weeks ago, I shared that I was on track and moving forward at a terrific clip. Today, I have this:

Yep. I actually finished it last Saturday and realized it was plenty big around but awfully short. And that’s when I took a close look at the yarn label and saw this:

253 yard does not equal a double thickness hat. Sigh.

The yarn is now in time out. The knitter is utterly dismayed at her own stupidity. And the pattern is set aside for vacation knitting later this month.

As for reading, that’s going much better. I recently finished the excellent Fight Night by Miriam Toews and I’m currently reading Saturday Night at the Lakeside Supper Club by J. Ryan Stradal. I’m about 1/3 of the way into it and enjoying it so far but a little guarded since readers I trust did not like it.

What are you knitting and reading this week?

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  1. Oh, ugh. I hate when that happens. But . . . it’s such a lovely, summery, happy yarn that I’m sure you’ll love knitting with it AGAIN. (And I can’t wait to talk to you about the Lakeside Supper Club once you’ve read it. . . )

  2. Oh dear…into each life a little unraveling must occur – that’s my mantra. I’ve had some unraveling recently, so enough already! I do really like that happy Stir Fry yarn though and hope you can find a project for it. I’ve seen mixed reviews on Lakeside Supper Club too, so will be interested in your review.

  3. Oh ugh, Carole! I am never happy when actual unraveling happens. I had no heard about the Lakeside Supper Club… so I am eagerly awaiting your review! 🙂

  4. That is such wonderful yarn I’m glad you are going to let it fulfill its destiny (whatever that might be) later with vacation knitting. I loved Fight Night but think I will skip Saturday Night.

  5. Sorry about that hat pattern; that sure is pretty yarn! I’ve been working on way too many unfinished socks lately. Have you read Caste? It’s very thought provoking! Our book club just had a great discussion about it recently.

  6. You may be interested to know that the old-fashioned, whether made with whiskey or brandy, is the #1 most popular drink in Wisconsin. In Minnesota it is the Bloody Mary, go figger.

  7. Oh, botheration! If you hadn’t already ripped, I would have told you to use a different yarn for the second half of the hat so you could end up with two different looks. Oh well! On the plus side, you’ll be an expert at the pattern when you finally succeed at knitting all of it!

    I’ve really got to read Fight Night. So far everyone I know who’s read it has liked it!

  8. That is such nice yarn and I’m sure you will find the perfect project for it.
    I look forward to hearing what you think of Saturday Night, I didn’t enjoy it as much as his previous books, but did find it entertaining.

  9. Knitting a sock with Opal yarn which can stand up to my daughter who is tough on shoes and socks. I just finished Tom Hanks The Making of Another Motion Picture Masterpiece. I have mixed feelings about it. My quick review is that it needed a good editing.

  10. I just finished a Wooly Wormhead hat, Nupkin, for our baby granddaughter (yay!)The sock yarn was surprisingly disappointing – “Hogwarts” from a good indie dyer. I tried this and that with it, ripping everything out until I settled on Nupkin which is covered with tiny bobbles. I finished the top with Wormhead’s signature squiggles. The result is a blindingly Crayola-colored hat that everyone but me likes. It’s unusual for me to dislike an fo, but I just had to use up that yarn!
    My reading is stalled in the same pattern. Everyone but me has loved “Tomorrow , and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow” by Gabrielle Zevin. I’m stuck in the middle and have no interest in finishing the book.

  11. I am knitting Stephen West’s Painting Honeycombs scarf and reading Remarkably Bright Creatures.

  12. oh ugh, Carole – that yarn just did NOT want to be that hat, did it? What DOES 250 yards of DK yarn wish to be? I did enjoy Supper Club, but mostly for the setting and the heartwarming way Stradel tells a story; I totally get that some of the characters and a few of the plot points are … questionable! I’ve been hearing rave reviews about Fight Night for a while, but not from my blogging friends; can’t wait to hear what you think!

  13. Oh man, sorry about the hat!

    “Saturday night at the Lakeside (or any) Supper Club,” is a THING here, and the old-fashioned is Wisconsin’s (un)Official State Cocktail! At some places, you can even get a flight of old-fashioneds. Because of all that, and because I’ve enjoyed his other books, that one has always intrigued me but I feel the same as you about the feelings of trusted readers, and now I see that you’ve given it only 3 stars. I’m to pick our next book club read and wonder…

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