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I am happy to report that, while I am joining with Kat and my fellow unravelers this week, there hasn’t actually been any unraveling happening here.

It’s all forward progress on this Purl Soho Rosestitch Dishtowel. It’s knit in their very own Cotton Pure which comes in a fantastic array of colors. The pattern is easy enough but you do have to pay attention a bit so it’s not mindless. I’m engaged and enjoying it.

As for reading, I’m about halfway through The Covenant of Water. This is a long one and I know people who have adored it and others who have tolerated it. So far, I’m liking it. The story feels a little scattered but the writing is lovely and the setting is incredibly realistic.

One last thing . . . 26 years ago today we did a thing.

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  1. I’ve often thought about knitting a cotton dishtowel but then wonder if that much knitting with cotton would hurt my hands. I guess the only way to tell is to try it. I was in the “tolerated” camp for Covenant but many people love it. And congratulations on your thing! (Yesterday was our 42 year anniversary.)

  2. Like Bonny, I have contemplated knitting some dishtowels… but my question is would I use them, or would they fall into the too pretty category (yours is gorgeous btw!)

    I liked Covenant of Water, but I think it was too long (it could have been edited quite a bit IMO)

    Congratulations on your thing!

  3. Happy anniversary! I always wanted to get married in June. When we got engaged it was too close and my wise beloved pointed out that the really important part was that we got married, not making ourselves crazy in the process would be good too. Which was a really good example of some of the reasons I married him.

  4. Happy Anniversary!! That is a wonderful *thing!* What a pretty dishtowel. Like Kat, I wonder if I would really use one? Plus, my hands tend to ache after knitting a dishcloth which is much smaller. Love your knitting bag BTW. Very pretty. I think I’ll skip Covenant…or at least wait until I’ve read “Cutting for Stone.”

  5. Happy Anniversary, Carole – and Dale! I thought of you this morning . . . (It’s always easy for me to remember your anniversary because it’s the-day-before-Erin’s-birthday.) I liked The Covenant of Water quite a lot . . . BUT . . . it just got a bit sloggy in the middle. (And the halfway point? That’s where it got sloggy for me . . . So many belabored points . . . ) And that is a lovely dishtowel. I’ve never knit a dish towel before, and probably won’t (I’m super picky about dishtowels . . . ), but I will admire yours from afar! XO Have a great day.

  6. Happy Anniversary to you & Dale!
    Your dishtowel looks lovely and it has me thinking of Christmas gifts!
    I loved Covenant and was not bothered by the length, in fact I was a little sad as I neared the end.

  7. Aw, look at you kids! A belated happy anniversary to you and Dale.

    I’ve never had the stamina to knit a full dishtowel; usually a dishcloth is about all I can handle. Seems like they’d be useful things to make, though!

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