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Currently: June 2023

I’ll just come right out and say it: June is flying by! But here we are and it’s time for a mid month check in on what’s happening around here right now.

Knitting: a dishtowel. And, for the record, this cotton does not make my hands hurt at all.

Reading with my eyes: The Covenant of Water. But you already knew that.

Reading with my ears: Nothing at the moment.

Watching: Grey’s Anatomy. From the beginning. I had forgotten just how great the first few seasons are.

Eating: Seasonal things like strawberries and hamburgers & hot dogs but also regular things like sourdough bread (yes, I still bake it regularly) and steel cut oats and lots of eggs.

Recommending: Pair Eyewear. I took the plunge and got the glasses that have super fun toppers so you can match them to your mood or outfit or season. I’ve got a discount code if you want to try them out. I love them!

Growing: Dahlias! 15 out of the 16 tubers I planted are up and I checked on the one that hadn’t sprouted yet yesterday and I think it will break the surface really soon. I’m so excited to have new varieties this year!

Remembering: 25 years ago when we put things in a time capsule to be opened on June 14, 2023. We opened it yesterday as part of the town’s bicentennial and, let’s just say the contents were underwhelming. Most had been destroyed by water damage and there were lots of pictures of the 175th anniversary . . . cake.

Loving: Long long days. Dusk at 9pm? Sign me up!

Celebrating: Our anniversary and also the 200th year of our little town. We’ve had some great celebrations already and the BIG ONE is tomorrow night (a concert by Dale’s band and fireworks!) that had to be postponed from yesterday due to predicted thunderstorms. If you could send all the good weather juju my way I’d truly appreciate it!

Anticipating: Maine! One week from today and we’ll be on our way!

What’s going on with you right now?

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  1. Good stuff here (except for the time capsule). Our town had one that was supposed to be dug up at 75 years, but they finally got around to it at 80+ years. Except nobody could find it. The ceremony was disappointing since it wasn’t where it was supposed to be. I maintain that somebody dug it up years before the ceremony and they were sitting in the gazebo and laughing.

  2. So many good things! (Except for the time capsule. That’s a shame.) I hope the town’s celebration is a ton of fun, and I’m already anticipating the photos from Maine — I hope a lot of lobster is on the menu!

  3. This month is racing by…and I don’t like it at all! You have lots of good things going on though… and I am sending all the good weather juju I can muster! XO

  4. Sending all the super weather juju your way! Have fun celebrating and Maine…sigh…

    You are using Purl Soho’s cotton for the towel, correct? And it does not hurt your hands??? I may need to look into that.

  5. Babysitting a tempermental whole house AC, with temps in the high 80s, low 90s all week. Technician is here as I type…

    Which leads to– Heading up to check on the mountain build tomorrow. (Highs in the 70s there… YAY!)

    Pulled out the Central Park Hoodie to work on the hood earlier this week, but not feeling it these days.

    Listening to Demon Coppperhead.

    Watching several Netflix series. Enjoying Unstable with Rob Lowe and his son. Anticipating Outlander.

  6. One wonders… why so many pictures of a cake?? haha.

    I watched Grey’s from the beginning a few years ago… because I was slow to catch on when it first aired! The only other series I’ve done that with was M*A*S*H (so good).

    I’ve started the decreases on my first Musselburgh hat!

    Sending you good weather mojo for your celebrations!!

  7. Did the Grey’s Anatomy rerun myself a couple of years ago! So good! I have spent a great deal of time looking a Pair Eyewear – I am a little uncertain about ordering glasses online, due to astigmatism in both eyes. But I love the idea of them. How do you find the fit?

  8. I always wonder about time capsules . . . It sounds like such a great idea, but then I hardly ever hear about what happens when they’re opened up later. So sorry yours was kind of a dud . . . Here’s to a great celebration for you and the town! XO

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