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A Musical Interlude

As you know, my town is celebrating its Bicentennial this year and we’ve been having events and gatherings since January. Back in May we had an alumni concert, a show that included previous music students performing alongside our current high school band and chorus. It was an amazing night and the stage was full of so much talent!

Also featured? Dale’s band, Dale and the Duds. It was so much fun to see them on the stage and the crowd’s reaction to the band was wonderful. I thought perhaps you might enjoy seeing some of the show so I’m including a link (I tried to embed the video but couldn’t get it to work, hopefully the link is good) in case you’re inclined. Dale’s band starts at about 6:00 minutes in if you want to skip to that.

P.S. The weather for the concert and fireworks last Friday was terrific and it was a fantastic night!

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  1. This is great! What fun to hear Dale and his band – the link worked perfectly. So glad you all could have such a fabulous celebration!

  2. The link worked perfectly… what a fantastic treat for this dreary Tuesday morning! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. What a great musical show! Dale’s band seems to be a big part of East Bridgewater, and they are definitely not duds!

  4. Oh, how fun!! I agree with Bonny. They should re-name the band: Dale & the Definitely Not DUDS!!

    Happy Birthday, East Bridgewater!

  5. What fun! I’m extremely impressed at how good the school band and Dale and the Duds are !

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