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Museum of Me: June 2023

It’s time for a new exhibit in the Museum of Me and this month we are considering these questions: What is my happy place? Has it changed as I’ve aged?

The answer is quite simple. My happy place is a house on the water. Generally speaking, I’d prefer that water to be the ocean, but I’m not opposed to that water being a lake or large pond. I feel it’s important to point out that I did not say that my happy place is the beach. While I love the beach, I’m happiest being beach adjacent. In other words, give me a deck or a porch with a water view and I’m good.

This has not really changed as I’ve aged, it’s something I’ve loved since I was a child. We had a family vacation on Cape Cod every year and rented a house right on the beach. I loved sitting outside at night with my grandfather and watching the tide go out. My father had a house on the coast of Maine that I visited every summer. I loved nothing more than falling asleep to the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks. One summer we chose to go to New Hampshire instead of Cape Cod and still the house was on the water. I loved sitting on the porch and reading a book with my mother. Many, many of my best childhood memories happened on a vacation by the water.

And now? As an adult? I visit the same sorts of places. For years we rented a house on Cape Cod. It was not on the water (hello sky high rentals) but it was still close. I’ve happily visited my friend Jo-Ann’s house on Lake Winnipesaukee. We went to Mexico and stayed right on the beach for 3 years in a row. And Dale and I have rented a house on the water in Maine for the past several years. I love to spend time by the water and am content doing so many things there: knitting or playing a game or working on a puzzle, having cocktails and appetizers, drinking my morning coffee and thinking about the day ahead, reading a book.

By the water is where I’m happiest.

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  1. Gorgeous photos Carole! You make me long for the camp we went to every summer on Lake Dunmore in Vermont. My Mom’s girlfriend Jenny had the camp (well, owned by her family) and we stayed there every summer for a month. I loved the sleeping porch and the porch that was the entire width of the camp that overlooked the lake. I could (and did) spend hours just looking at the lake, sipping a beverage, reading a book. Magical times.

  2. I like your distinction between beach and beach adjacent! I dislike the beach because of the sand and salt along with the fact that there is never enough shade, but I really like the sound of the ocean. I’ll love to sit with you on the porch of your house on the water and read!

  3. I, like Bonny, love your beach adjacent distinction! Yes!! I love the sound of waves… and the smell! The air is just so much better at the water! 🙂

  4. I’m likely a beach adjacent person also. I do enjoy being near the water, but easily reach the point of too much sun (and heat). Plus, who wants to squint while they read? Your water related photos are always like a brief vacation for someone living in a semi-arid part of this country.

  5. Beach adjacent here, also…

    However, my happy place is in the mountains. Even seeing photos of mountains can soothe my soul. We are in the midst of building a home on the side of a mountain, and my mind is ever on the view I’ll have from my front porch. (Mostly trees, but some vista over a neighbor’s home, if I look east.)

  6. My happy place is by the water — and I am also a beach adjacent person! I actually am not a huge fan of sand – I just don’t like the texture – but I love to hear the water and look out at it. I often feel that I can finally breathe all the way out once I see water.

  7. That’s a lovely “happy place,” Carole! Maybe your camper will take you near water more often? (While I like “beach adjacent” . . . I’m really a “beach” person myself!) 😉

  8. And through you we’ve had some pretty enjoyable water-side experiences! I’m like you -ocean, river, pond,lake…it’s all good. (When are you headed to Lake Dennison? ?)

  9. I’m also water adjacent, mostly beach adjacent. I like the sight and sound of the ocean! Also, I like being on water (kayak, canoe, catamaran) but not *in* water. I don’t swim well…

  10. How cool that you have had connection to water your whole life (and that it’s still a happy place) – I do love the photos you share from your trips to Maine and the Cape every year. My happy place is a porch – I love to be outside, but want the comforts of indoors close at hand.

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