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Eye Candy Friday

I plant many containers and place them on my deck and under the pergola. Some are the same every year (lavender by my chair, caladium by the pergola posts) but most are different and based on what appealed to me while plant shopping. This year I am loving this combination of white verbena, yellow lantana and basil. The verbena is growing like mad and, while I’ve never planted basil in with my flowers before, it’s clearly thriving in this spot.

I hope you have a weekend that gives you plenty of opportunities to thrive!

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  1. I have a pot of basil and a pot of rosemary on our patio o(also eggplants!!). This year I planted 3 different kinds of basil in one pot and it is growing like gangbusters! Crazy growth and it smells so good. Your pot of white, yellow and green is beautiful Carole!

  2. I’ve never thought to plant basil (or any other herbs) with flowers, either, but I’m guessing it all smells great!

  3. I have been planting strongly scented herbs with my flowers in pots. The scent seems to keep the squirrels and chipmunks out of the pot. I don’t think they like the smell! Your plants are lovely!

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