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Happy National Book Lover’s Day!

As you may surmise from the title, today is National Book Lover’s Day. It’s a day where you are encouraged to settle into your favorite place to read with a good book and then read the day away.

Sounds lovely, right?

I, of course, have to work. BUT I work in a library so even if I can’t read the day away, I can spend the day amongst loads of books. It’s a lovely thing to be, in the words of Jimmy Buffett (from the song Love in the Library), surrounded by stories, surreal and sublime.

If I had the choice, though, I’d spend the morning reading in the shade on my deck, the afternoon reading in my favorite chair in our living room, and the evening reading in bed. I’d drink coffee and iced water and wine. I’d wear my favorite softest clothes and prop myself with the comfiest of pillows. I’d start the day reading my current book, Little Monsters, but I’d likely finish that by lunch time so I’d move on to No Two Persons.

If only,

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  1. I think that No Two Person’s is the perfect book for National Book Lover’s Day! (and if I can’t be home reading, well then my favorite place is the library!)

  2. That is a lovely dream! I fear that most of us will not be able to actually read all day, but I hope you enjoy whatever books you do get to read today.

  3. What a lovely thought to spend ALL day reading! Reminds me of some of my favorite summer days – I would do just that. Alas, I too have to work today…but I can dream. I think you’re gonna love “No Two Persons.”

  4. This is just what I need today! It is grey and wet outside so a cozy reading day will begin shortly. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. I should have waited and finished Book Lovers today! Oh well — every day is Book Lovers Day for me! I hope that one day I can spend my days reading only things I want to (as opposed to the stuff I have to read for work, which is often boring and/or poorly written).

  6. Thanks for reminding me of National Book Day. You can count on a Bookish Day on my blog in future years! I used to work the circ desk at our tiny library. When I quit to go back to the accounting firm, the thing I missed the most was simply handing books all day. Kind of like tossing the stash and getting to touch all that wonderful yarn so lovingly acquired.

  7. I’m fortunate to spend most days reading more than many folks can. I also treated myself to some catching up time with my book journal this morning and it was lovely to revisit a recent favorite to document some of what I loved about it.

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