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Unraveled Wednesday August 23, 2023

I’m joining with Kat today and showing you 3 finished Sinkmates, all knit while camping last week.

The pattern is perfect for social knitting, it’s engaging but not complex. And fast! I was able to knit each one in less than a day.

I used Rowan Handknit Cotton, the yarn the pattern calls for actually, and it is lovely to work with. Soft and luxurious and it never bothered my hands at all.

You can be sure I’ll be knitting more of these in the future!

As for reading, I’m finally (finally!) reading Written in My Own Heart’s Blood by Diana Gabaldon. It’s #8 in the Outlander series and it’s utterly engrossing and that’s exactly what I need in a book right now.

I hope you’re making and reading things that are keeping you engaged and entertained.

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  1. I agree with Kat; those Sinkmates are quite nice looking! I’m wondering if they are thick enough or if I could knit one double-thick for a hot pad?

  2. Those SinkMates are . . . like potato chips! And you’re so right . . . perfect social knitting. (Although I have discovered that … well. Sometimes counting is a challenge for me in social situations.) (And even when I’m alone, actually, when I get to contemplations.) LOVE the colors you’ve used! XO

  3. Your Sinkmates are beautiful! I’m on my fifth, using Nifty Cotton from Cascade Yarns. I’m hooked!

    My husband has read the last three Gabaldon books. I started reading them in 1992, and have enjoyed all of them. I’ve also read some of the offshoot books about Lord John. (I appreciate all the research that goes into them, but I don’t like waiting so long between them. I had the same issue with the Earth Children’s series by Jean Auel. The time between books was interminable!)

    Happy to hear you have some things you love to help you through these rough times,

    Sending you warm hugs from far away.

  4. Your sinkmates are lovely. I have the pattern, but have not tried it yet. Love the colors you chose and good to know the Rowan Handknit Cotton is nice to knit.

  5. Those dishcloths are very snazzy looking and also seem like the perfect camping knitting! An Outlander book is the perfect get-lost-in-a-book type of reading (I’m still in the middle of the next one, which I started back in March).

  6. Love your sinkmates! I will eventually make some. I have that book sitting on a bookshelf, it’s been there a few years and I just haven’t picked it up, so many others are calling to me.

  7. Your dishcloths are very handsome. I like the color combinations. It’s good to know there is some nice cotton available.

  8. Great to hear that pattern is as fun as it is pretty. Reading and baking are my best immersive activities when I’m dealing with big emotions. Hope you continue to find comfort as you walk through this time.

  9. I’ve read the Outlander series a couple times through, really great immersive world.

    I recently read Tom Lake by Ann Patchett, and I LOVED it. I even slowed down my reading because I didn’t want it to end.

    I love those Sink Mates; I did the MDK online summer camp, which was great fun!

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