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Eye Candy Friday

Back for another Friday dahlia post. She’s called Wizard of Oz and would you LOOK at HER? That pink is stunning and those petals are exquisite. I love showing you individual dahlia blossoms but at some point I also want to show you photos of the dahlia beds because they are a riot of color and beauty.

We’re off on a camping trip next week, and I’ll miss all of you (and my dahlias!) but I’ll catch up with you again on the 21st. Try and get along without me!

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  1. Hoping you have no reason to be anything but a happy camper! I’ll just check in with your dahlias when i forget you’re gone.

  2. I’m interested in those photos of the beds!! Wiz is a stunner! Bon Voyage! We’re off to NS next week too!

  3. Oh, you’re killing me here with your dahlias!!! (And I mean that in the best way possible.) That is just gorgeous. XO Have a fabulous camping week. Enjoy. Rest.

  4. Oh, she’s lovely! She makes me think of Glenda the Good Witch.

    Have a fabulous time on your trip! Sending you good thoughts for good weather, good reading, good eats, and a relaxing time in general.

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