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Eye Candy Friday

Behold the dahlia bouquets I made from yesterday’s cuttings. They are so plentiful and gorgeous right now and I’m loving every single one of the varieties I planted.

We’re in the thick of making plans for Dale’s father’s services and I’m so grateful for the kind words and messages I have received from many of you. I will try and post regularly next week but if I don’t please know that I’m just doing my best.

Make it a great weekend, friends, tomorrow isn’t promised.

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  1. What gorgeous blooms! Still sending hugs and love to you and Dale – don’t worry about your blog…we’ll be here whenever you want to get back.

  2. Dear Carole and Dale, my sincere condolences. I hope these beauties help you during this sad time.

  3. So much beauty! Planting all those dahlias was truly a great gift to yourself.

    I hope all goes well next week and that there is happiness in the memories that are recalled even as you are grieving.

  4. I missed this last Friday. What a beautiful thing to see early on Monday morning. Thinking of you and your family this week.

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