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Eye Candy Friday

Allow me to present proof positive that the dahlias are utterly gorgeous right now! I picked this bouquet of pinks and purples on Wednesday and brought them to work and they’ve been making me smile ever since. I love how intricate the are. I love the colors and the petals and just every dang thing about them.

I also love every dang thing about a weekend and I’m sure looking forward to this one!

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  1. So, so beautiful, Carole! I’m sure your blooms have been a wonderful “diversion” from what must’ve been a very busy week back at the office. XO

  2. I can honestly say that one of very few things I miss about going into the office for work is the dahlia bouquets one of my coworkers used to bring in. I’m sure your coworkers are very appreciative of your sharing your bounty!

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