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Unraveled Oct 25, 2023

Here’s a check in with Kat and friends sharing what I’m knitting and what I’m reading . . .

Knitting: Halloween striped socks! My Picot Edge pattern paired with Vesper Sock Yarn = true comfort knitting. The pattern is portable and I can easily knit at meetings or while watching television. George has learned to (mostly) leave the knitting alone and a small project is definitely less tempting for him. The sock yarn stripes perfectly and has always been my favorite despite all of the other sock yarn in my stash.

Reading: Wellness by Nathan Hix. I am both reading on my kindle and listening through Audible and it’s so good. Engaging and entertaining and the writing is so tight despite the length of the novel. I am both eager to finish and sad about the thought of finishing and I’m quite sure many of you know just what I mean when I say that.

What are you knitting and reading this week?

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  1. Not much making of any kind or reading going on (thank you busy work life), but MABEL IS BACK HOME!!!! I’m in the queue for “Wellness” and looking forward to getting that one at some point.

  2. Those socks look very Halloween-y! There is just something about knitting with self-striping yarn. I think I would gladly have read another 600+ pages in Wellness; I was also sad to see it end. I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

  3. I’m reading Pamela Kelley’s Nantucket Homes (#8 in her Beach Plum Cove series). I have multiple projects going on right now – The Pickle Jar Cowl and stash busting with the Anthology Throw. Also starting a few holiday projects including the Wool Couture Bonnie the Cow (she’s a Highland Cow).

  4. Love the colors of those socks, they scream Halloween!! I finished “The Lost Ticket” (it was sooo good) and “Mad Honey” (this one was hard for me, but it was very good), and just started “I Have Some Questions For You.”

  5. That yarn is perfect for the time of year! And you know I am digging the picot hem right now. I know just what you mean about Wellness. It’s such a big book and he does such an amazing job of bringing so many topics and ideas into the story, and I still wanted more when I finished!

    I’m knitting a charity hat (perfect for my board meeting tonight) and am about to start one of the two titles from the Booker longlist I still have to read.

  6. oh those socks! your picot edge works perfectly with those Halloween stripes! I’m seeing all that with some pointy black (witch-y) shoes and wow! 🙂

  7. Those are the most Halloween-y, witchy socks ever! I love them — and they look so fun to knit, too. I’m glad you’re enjoying Wellness. I loved it, too! XO

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