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Eye Candy Friday

I’m so fortunate to still be picking and sharing dahlias this late in October. Today we have the last Café Au Lait dahlia of the season and isn’t she completely perfect? This was one variety I really coveted and I’m really pleased with how well she has performed over the summer. I’ll be picking big bouquets today and potentially over the weekend but the extended forecast looks like more seasonal temps are coming our way and I expect the dahlias will be done within a week.

It’s bittersweet but that’s how gardening works . . . and I’m already looking forward to next season!

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  1. Just STUNNING, Carole! And I think one of the best thing about dahlias . . . is how long they last in the garden. So awesome!

  2. As always, I love your Friday Photos! Beautiful flower. How great to have it come from your own hard work!

  3. The delicate shading on this variety is remarkable, even in the world of dahlias. Enjoy those bouquets. We are due for several inches of seasonal temperatures this weekend, if you know what I mean.

  4. I think it was one of Cara’s Cafe au Lait dahlias that inspired by birthday cake last year! So pretty! It was in the mid-60s when I left the house this morning, will be about 20 degrees less when I return. Here it comes.

  5. Just lovely! Next week’s temperatures look much colder, but that’s all the more reason to appreciate blossoms while we can!

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